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The best tablet I bought not for myself.


This week Thanksgiving is upon us in the US, so I want to talk about helping others as vital part of our personal growth, sense of happiness, as well as our personal success.  The interrelationship between helping and receiving is what I call the “Helping Economy.”  In a financial economy there are buyers and sellers and in the helping economy there are givers and receivers; both parties are important and we need to play both roles.

Charity, volunteerism, and philanthropy are not new concepts, but helping with a click of a mouse button is a little newer.  In some ways, I have wondered if online giving is all too easy and is not the same as the physical work of rolling-up one’s sleeves to do hard, honest volunteer work.  Of course, one can argue that both the physical work and the funds donation are equally important.  A recent experience has given me new faith that online giving can be part of that impactful and gratifying help. Read More >

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One Important Quality for Success: GRIT


Go on now…get “Grittier”; eye-patch optional.


This week I want to talk about a word that is poignant given our times of economic strife, hurricanes, and general uncertainty in our lives and careers. The word is “grit.” Merriam-Webster dictionary defines grit as: noun; firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger. Grit, in other words, is a dogged persistence to accomplish what you set out to do.

I love the sound of the word too. Grit. It has that tough as nails sound, that makes you grimace your face as you say it, like in an old Western movie. It’s no wonder John Wayne and even the Coen Brothers re-make of True Grit, are quintessential films of the genre. Tough cowboy endures strife to right wrong no matter the cost, physically and emotionally; the protagonist will succeed come hell or high water. Grit has a down and dirty, in the weeds, dirt under the fingernails spirit. Or rather, a true willingness to do what it takes to accomplish something even though the process may not be easy, may take a lot of tough effort, and may be rife with experiences of failure.


So here are 5 Ways to become Grittier: Read More >

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5 Lessons on Improving Your Life…from a Raft & Lots of Water

The wise river helps us to learn some valuable lessons in life.  Not bringing a cell phone, which I did, is certainly one of them.


This week I want to share an experience from last week (hence I missed a posting).  Last weekend we gathered from around the globe to celebrate our friend’s bachelor party in exotic Borneo.  Yes, our quest for adventure led us to the Padras River, where man and nature literally collide.

There we were, eleven men in raft, waiting and wanting for what the rapids had in store.  To be sure, we got what we wanted: buffeting waves, mouthfuls of brown river water, and the thrills of team victory after every successful battle of the river (see picture above).  So there has to be some great life lessons in what was truly a memorable experience… Read More >

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Chairman Notes – 5 Lessons of Success from PSY’s Gangnam Style!!

Psy oppa gangnam style

I want to be like PSY…here’s why:

This week I want to introduce a series called, 5 Lessons About Anything. And what better to kick-off the series than to write about the international smash hit, Gangnam Style by PSY. My most recent check of Youtube shows that his viral video has now been watched 393,050,863 times; plus 1, I just watched it again! So you want to be a superstar?…read on.

1. Perseverance Pays-Off: PSY, or Park Jae-Sang, debuted his first album in 2001. Gangnam Style is actually a single off of his 6th studio album. So, clearly he was not a insta-star like Justin Beiber being discovered on Youtube. Success takes time, Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers: The Story of Success, talks about the concept of requiring 10,000 hours of hard practice at anything to become an exceptional expert. And how long is 10,000 years, about ten years of hard work…or just about the time it took PSY to master his style.

2. Harness the Power of Social Media: So given the social media stats: 393+ million Youtube views, 3.6+ million Facebook likes, and 700k+ Tweets, …he did something right. One could argue that the off-beat nature of his video made it compelling, but imitation is what makes it truly viral. Klingon Style, a Star Trek parody…3.3 million views. Jewish Style, a, er…Jewish parody…1.8 million views. And any parody variation with a hot girl in the Youtube video picture, at least 2+ million views. Read More >

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5 Lessons of Success From My Father


Dad and me before we successfully scaled Half Dome in Yosemite, 1983.


This week I want to share some pearls of wisdom from my father.  Growing-up, I’m sure I only heard half of what he taught me.  But even with just that half, I know I could live a life worth living.  Now that I am older and more receptive to the words of others, I really wish I had written down more of what he had shared and taught, in the good times and especially through the tough times.

Luckily, for me and for us, my father is a reader of this blog (thanks Dad!), so he was able to share with me some of his thoughts for “successful living.”  So in a father-son fashion, here are his exact points and my color commentary. Read More >

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