Privy is a private global network and online/mobile travel platform that enables a select group of transpacific key influencers to coordinate roving itineraries and share city insider tips in a trusted and filtered environment. To ensure the site remains intimate, relevant, and exclusive -- membership to Privy is "by invitation only" from a member with invitation privileges. Privy provides a unique opportunity for luxury/hospitality brands to connect at the "point-of-sale" to a small but hyper-targeted set of affluent influentials who are already sharing travel plans and lifestyle reviews.

In cooperation with corporate partners and our members, Privy also produces a series of curated online "Privy 5" city guides which are open to the public. Current cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Shanghai. Upcoming cities to be covered include Bangkok, Beijing, Honolulu, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

Privy also supports and helps raise awareness for a handful of charitable causes important to our membership. Privy's current non-profit partners include Project by Project (Asian American issues), Liberty in North Korea (Human Rights) and the Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (Environment).

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Privy is building the leading transpacific lifestyle brand for a global community niche of internationally-minded Asian and Asian American tastemakers and key influencers. Leveraging the vast shift of wealth to Asia and growing influence of Asians and Asian Americans globally, Privy is an invite-only, curated private social network offering a "city social dashboard" and premium subscription services catering to western-educated urban Asians and Asian Americans in the US and Asia, whom are often transpacific in nature. To ensure this niche social network remains intimate, relevant, and exclusive -- the curated membership to the Privy private social network is "by invitation only" through a trusted member with invitation privileges.