To ensure the site remains intimate and relevant to our members, there are three ways to join Privy:


    First Thubmnail Get invited by an existing member with invitation privileges

    Purchase our Jetsetter-level membership for a one-time $995 fee.

    Apply to join the membership waiting list.

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Privy is building the leading transpacific lifestyle brand for a global community niche of internationally-minded Asian and Asian American tastemakers and key influencers. Leveraging the vast shift of wealth to Asia and growing influence of Asians and Asian Americans globally, Privy is an invite-only, curated private social network offering a "city social dashboard" and premium subscription services catering to western-educated urban Asians and Asian Americans in the US and Asia, whom are often transpacific in nature. To ensure this niche social network remains intimate, relevant, and exclusive -- the curated membership to the Privy private social network is "by invitation only" through a trusted member with invitation privileges.