Categories: Restaurants

Neighborhood: San Gabriel Valley

1823 S San Gabriel Blvd

San GabrielCA

United States

(626) 288-7265

Privy 5 Overview

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"A Mexican restaurant in the Asian quarter is a rare find in any city. A good one is even rarer. Here, the cuisine is of the highest standard. It’s authentic while retaining its own epicurean charm in terms of perfection. Am I going overboard? Let’s put it this way: For Mexican food, it’s amazing. For any cuisine of any kind, it’s top. The food is enhanced by the chef’s commensurate skills in both Mexican and cooking, and obviously he’s a master at both. Pick the chef’s noggin and he’ll tell you about food preparation and a history of the dish quite willingly. Apricots, raisins and a variety of meats in the chile en nogado makes it a fave among many great dishes."

CUISINE: Mexican

Price Range: Not Sure

Attire: Not Sure

Takes Reservations: Not Sure

Parking: Not Sure

Takeout: Not Sure

Delivers: Not Sure

Accept Credit Cards: Not Sure

Good For Groups: Not Sure

Good For Kids: Not Sure

Waiter Service: Not Sure

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