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The Sichuan province is known for its spices and there is no shortage of Chinese Sichuan restaurants turning up the heat in the city. Warm up to our list of the best Chinese Sichuan restaurants.

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    Neighborhood: San Gabriel Valley

    545 W Las Tunas Dr San Gabriel CA 91776
    (626) 308-1896
    "You get the whole frog here when you order it, not just the legs. Those who don’t order frog outside of Paris will find this to be a pleasant surprise. Those who’ve never ordered frog will also be in for a pleasant surprise. It’s very good. Eager to know whether it does in fact taste like chicken? Try it and decide for yourself. Everything here is spicy, in one way or another. If you don’t like s ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: San Gabriel Valley

    206 S Garfield Ave Monterey Park CA 91754
    (626) 280-7430
    "Pepper distinctions have been made by some in the cooking style here. The flavor is derived from the cooking process and both Chinese and Western (red chili) peppers are used in the cuisine to add the heat. Doubtless many restaurants in Sichuan Province use even less authentic ingredients, but purists may nevertheless baulk at such sacrilege. They may well be baulking, but they shall also be rock ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: San Gabriel Valley

    534 E Valley Blvd Unit 2 & 3 San Gabriel CA 91776
    (626) 288-7993
    "If you want real spicy food, you want to be at Hunan Chilli King. But, you can order here according to your tastes. Like things spicy or tame, or in between? You can make your choice. Not only is the food spicy but it is also tastes good. The cumin lamb is a very good dish. Indeed, all the dishes featuring lamb are good given its quality here. The cumin beef is great too. The quality of the duck ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: San Gabriel Valley

    138 E Garvey Ave Suite C Monterey Park CA 91755
    (626) 573-9258
    This Sichuan cuisine venue has vegetable dishes at which a vegan may balk, but they are utterly delicious. A wild pumpkin dish is beautifully sweet and they also feature a wonderful butternut squash that is the perfect final dish. The cauliflower in pork oil, meanwhile, is divine. If you thought cauliflower was bland, you haven’t tried this dish. There are plenty of dishes for fish lovers too. You ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: San Gabriel Valley

    1015 S Nogales St Suite 131 Rowland Heights CA 91748
    (626) 964-8458
    The fish head could be regarded as a signature dish here. It’s a culinary delight, and worth the extra wait for it to cook (about half an hour). Some of the tofu dishes are heavy on the garlic. Other vegetables dishes worth noting are sautéed cabbage and a mildly flavored Chinese eggplant. Frog is available here, worth trying if you haven’t had it before. Enhanced with spicy seasoning that gives i ... read more >

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