Japanese Ramen Restaurants in Los Angeles

Privy 5 Los Angeles Japanese Ramen

This city houses arguably the top Japanese Ramen restaurants in all of California which means when it comes Japanese Ramen, there's no other city that comes close. Here's a list of the five best Japanese Ramen restaurants.

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  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: West LA

    Cuisine:Japanese, Japanese Ramen

    11555 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles CA
    (310) 575-9337
    "The miso ramen here is rich and delicious with a perfect roast pork flavor. Come in a large group, as smaller parties of two have limited space at the tables provided. However, if you’re into sharing each other’s dishes, this is the ideal situation for a date. The venue itself is quite small. The tan tan ramen is spicy and highly recommended. Fried rice and gyoza is great too. The stir fries are ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: South Bay

    Cuisine:Japanese, Japanese Ramen

    18202 S Western Ave Gardena CA 90248
    +1 310 769 1010
    "The not ideally named octopus balls with mochi cheese are excellent here. Actually, they’re called takoyaki. Let them cool down a little before tasting. It’s not unlike McDonald’s apple pie in that sense. A range of noodles include some great menu choices. The ramune drink is a citrusy kids’ drink that is worth pigging out on. Gyozas as appetizers are great. They close late, so if you’re feeling ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: South Bay

    Cuisine:Japanese, Noodle Shop

    2015 W Redondo Beach Blvd Gardena CA 90247
    (310) 329-1335
    "A bar to sit at while you eat (as with many Japanese noodle houses), and extra noodles come for free if you need or want them (although there may in fact be a charge just shy of a buck at the time of going to press). The texture of the noodles is specified by the customer, like a steak. You can choose from hard to soft. You’ll be asked how well oiled you want the soup and how flavorsome you want ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Santa Monica/Beach Cities

    Cuisine:Japanese, Japanese Ramen, Japanese Soba/Udon

    3760 S Centinela Ave Malibu CA 90066
    (310) 391-1101
    "Flavored egg dishes here such as Shio Ramen in a rice bowl of pork are great, and some of the dishes have a saltiness you won’t get elsewhere. Noodles here are firm and tasty. You’re a little spoilt for choice in terms of menu options. You can avoid the saltier dishes and have a healthier meal if that’s what you’re into. There are three broths among many dishes that are excellent: Daikokuya , San ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Little Tokyo

    Cuisine:Japanese, Noodle Shop

    327 E 1st St. Los Angeles CA 90012
    (213) 626-1680
    "You can choose a combination meal for a few extra bills here that enhances the meal far more than the little outlay would suggest. Combo sides include a protein rich chicken and egg bowl, an eel bowl, a shredded pork bowl, kotteri (a fat rich dish) and tuna sashimi, although there is a great range and everything is tops. The ramen portions are generous. Vegetables include bamboo, onions and peppe ... read more >

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