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Host of the Kimchi Chronicles

Marja Vongerichten is the host of the "Kimchi Chronicles" on PBS, a brand-new thirteen part series that covers Korean food and culture. Born to a Korean mother and an American father, Marja brings a unique perspective on her travelogue centered around discovering her roots through Korean cuisine. Marja should know a thing or two about food, her husband is Jean Georges Vongerichten, the acclaimed chef behind Jean Georges in New York. The Kimchi Chronicles will explore all the different textures and layers of Korean culture and push past conventions for a journey of self-discovery you won't want to miss. Be sure to tune into PBS to follow along with Marja as she takes you through the Kimchi Chronicles.

To follow Marja Vongerichten's amazing journey, visit her official site www.kimchichronicles.tv or follow the Kimchi Chronicles on
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KimchiChronicles
Twitter: twitter.com/kimchitv
You can also catch exclusive video clips of The Kimchi Chronicles at

Privy 5 Los Angeles Marja Vongerichten
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  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Mid-City West

    Cuisine:Korean BBQ

    4566 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles CA 90016
    (323) 933-3228
    Ondal 2 is like "The Dark Knight" as the sequel vastly improves on the original. They are famous for their amazing crab soups and that alone is worth the trip to come experience this delightful dish. When your order the stew, the entire pot comes overloaded with large crabs stuffed with rice , bean sprouts, and crab egg along with generous amounts of bean sprouts and mushrooms. The broth is simpl ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: West LA


    1091 Broxton Ave Los Angeles CA 90024
    (310) 824-0011
    Located in the heart of Westwood Village near the campus of UCLA, Bibigo is a modern take on traditional Korean food. The food is fresh and convenient and this walk up restaurant is perfect for those who want delicious fast food where you can customize your own dish. The sauces you choose from are exceptional and of course their famous Bibimbap is off the charts.
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Koreatown area


    3303 W 6th St Los Angeles CA 90020
    (213) 738-8977
    Seongbukdong doesn't roll off the tongue but it'll be your tongue you'll be picking up off the ground from the mouth-watering food you'll have at this gem of a restaurant. Seongbukdong is known for having excellent Korean comfort food. The dishes may seem simple but they are prepared with the tender love and care of a Korean mama. You'll love the home-cooked style of the Galbi Jjim(braised short ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Koreatown area

    Cuisine:Korean BBQ

    3400 W 8th St. Los Angeles CA 90005
    Honey Pig is certainly one of the more unique Korean BBQ places in the Koreatown. With a domed cooking surface it allows the fattiest parts of cooking meats to fall out and catch in the bottom. This makes for altogether very satisfying and slightly healthier and cleaner way to enjoy Korean BBQ. At Honey Pig you'll find all your favorites including the pork, the beef, and the seasoned spicy pork. T ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Koreatown area

    Cuisine:Korean, Korean BBQ

    955 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles CA 90005
    "From the outside, Park's BBQ is unassuming with it's location in a strip mall. But, if you pass by it thinking it's not much too look at, it would be a shame. From the inside, the restaurant is actually very attractive and comfortable and with some of the cleanest air vents you'll find in any AYCE Korean BBQ restaurant. That alone is something not to be taken for granted and neither is the meat h ... read more >

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