Privy+ Perk: The Montage Hotel, Classic Hollywood as...

With neighbors like Mr. Louis Vuitton and Ms. Chanel, a private primping pad for A-list clientele before awards shows, and a super-hidden, exclusive lounge that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt recently...

Privy+ Perk: Hotel LFK is the jetset haunt for...

Situated in the heart of the city’s de facto party district, Lan Kwai Fong, this über-mod property is a see and be seen jetset haunt for the hip and fabulous in Hong Kong. Although plenty come here for the...

Linsanity Red Carpet Hollywood Premiere Recap

Pick your favorite: Lin Your Face! May the Best Man Lin. Amasian!
Back in February 2012, puns had never made bigger headlines just as Jeremy Lin...

Privy Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness with...

Here at Privy, we make it our mission to build a better and more connected community. Even more wonderful if we can put an incredible, fun spin on it. That’s just what we did last Friday at our...

Privy Interviews Tokyo-based Fashion Model Melody...

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Melody Yoko Reilly is an American-Japanese model currently working in Tokyo, Japan, as a fashion model and TV personality. She graces the cover and pages of...

Kim Nam Gil is Korea's "Secret Weapon"

Kim Nam Gil is in it for the long game. He has survived far longer than many actors who started in Korean dramas, quick flashes of pretty boy smiles, a few fan girl sites, and they disappear, a disposable...

Privy Celebrates 20 Years of APEX in Downtown L.A.

It’s been 20 years since a very young Stephen Liu, Privy’s own CEO, founded the Asian Professional Exchange (APEX). Today, it is one of the largest, if not the largest, Asian-American organizations in...

Amidst America’s Most Expensive Home - UNICEF...

The driveway seemed to stretch before us for miles. The tightly manicured hedges on either side of us led Privy towards the front steps of one of the most famed and valuable estates, not only in America, but...


Trend-Setting Designer Jon Koon Hatches a Spectacular “Fabergé Egg” Masterpiece for Sotheby’s

  • by Privy Editor
  • 4/22/2014
Tag: New York, Easter, Faberge Egg, Art, Design, Jon Koon

Jon Koon Faberge Egg

It surely wasn't just another Easter holiday for trend-setting creative designer and entrepreneur Jon Koon. After all, the astounding masterpiece he decorated for The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt (in New York) beat out: Jeff Koons, Zaha Hadid, Julian Schnabel, Marc Quinn and hundreds of other artists around the world. That's right, this 31-year-old Chinese-American is a finalist in the fundraising event (that benefits two charities: Mark Shand’s Elephant Family and Agnes Gund’s Studio in a School) for his one-of-a-kind egg-shaped sculpture, which is currently being auctioned off online at -- until April 22 -- when it will then be moved to live bidding at the Faberge Grand Auction at Sotheby’s.

Meet Patrick Chun, Financier and Company Builder Helping to Transform NY's Tech Scene

  • by Privy Editor
  • 4/07/2014
Tag: Member Interview, New York, Entrepreneur, Technology, Finance, Patrick Chun

Patrick Chun HBS

Occupation: Investor and Entrepreneur

Based in: New York

Last Education: Harvard Business School

Soft-spoken, and with a preference to stay behind-the-scenes, this Harvard Business School graduate is not your usual image of a hard-charging investor or entrepreneur. But for the past ten years, Chun has been involved in building, investing, and advising some of the largest and fastest-growing technology-enabled businesses in the world. As a principal, and one of the business service leaders at Accretive, this New York-based investor works alongside the founding partners of the firm with the mission of building large B2B ventures from the ground up. Chun is also involved in investing, and managing, their portfolio of high-growth insurance, healthcare, and education companies. Before working at Accretive, Patrick honed his chops at some of the largest names in business, including time at Bain Capital Ventures (investing), Microsoft (technology), and McKinsey (consulting).

Chun’s casual way of engaging others, and his collaborative style also belies his keen sense of leadership. Beyond the high impact he’s had in the world of tech investments, the Korean-American was one of the first Asian student body presidents at Harvard Business School. With his trio of Harvard degrees and his active involvement in the aggressive New York entrepreneurial scene, Chun is one to watch.

Privy+ Perk: "Green" and luxury come together at celebrity-favorite Shore Hotel

  • by Privy Editor
  • 4/02/2014
Tag: Privy Perks, hotel, luxury, Los Angeles, Travel, Environment

shore hotel

The primping pad where Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey’s gorgeous model wife, Camilla Alves got red carpet ready, this beach-side, “green” hotel is LA all the way. The first LEED Gold hotel in Santa Monica, this celebrity favorite has environmentally-friendly features like water recycling systems, room sensors that ensure that lights and air-conditioning shut off when no one is there, and even a highly efficient elevator. Guests enjoy non-toxic, naturally-daylit and ventilated rooms furnished with elegant and eco-friendly decor.

This is the Shore Hotel, one of the luxury hotels we have partnered with in our Privy+ Privilege Program. With Privy+, members gain access to deeply, discounted corporate rates at a highly curated selection of hotels around the world.

Now, here’s our featured Privy+ perk of the week: The eco-friendly and elegant Shore Hotel in Santa Monica.

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Cosmopolitan crowd celebrates at Privy's fabulous Spring Fling along with Destination Luxury

Tag: Privy Event, Sadie Kitchen and Lounge, Los Angeles

Cosmopolitan crowd celebrates at Privy and Destination Luxury’s fabulous Spring Fling

Privy and Destination Luxury feted the start of a new season last Saturday night with an exclusive Spring Fling party at the hip Hollywood hotspot, Sadie Kitchen and Lounge. The invite-only crowd chatted and relaxed with hand-crafted cocktails in the charming vintage parlor of the restaurant, and spilled out into the open-air courtyard while a DJ spinned a mix of contemporary beats.

From barbecued pork buns to chicken feet, eat your way across NY's best dim sum

Tag: Privy 5 New York, City Guide, Food+Drink, New York

dim sum

The best way to start a fight with a New Yorker: Tell them your Dim Sum place is better than theirs.

Vicky Wu's ZAOZAO is the ultimate aphrodisiac for shoppers

  • by Privy Editor
  • 3/31/2014
Tag: Entrepreneur, Member Interview, Fashion, Business

vicky wu

Occupation: Co-founder & CEO of ZAOZAO

Based in: New York

Last Education: Harvard 2009 (Bachelor's in Psychology & Health policy)

You know that feeling you get when you’re in the middle of an outdoor market in a foreign city, shoppers crowding stalls filled with colorful bracelets, leather bags, and inexplicably, hats emblazoned with American sports teams. The annoyance tinged with amusement as people elbow each other--and you--to get to found treasures. The smell of street food stands selling freshly made custard tarts lead the way like a cartoon vapor as you snake across so many hand-made scarves and belts, you’re not sure if you don’t want anything or if you want it all.

That’s what style-savvy entrepreneur Vicky Wu wants you to experience with the relaunch of ZAOZAO. Instead of just another e-commerce site that sells “pretty things from the mystical Orient,” ZAOZAO now incorporates your retail experience with an added layer of storytelling via the site’s dreamy videos and vintage style pictures that place you right in the middle of the exotic cities where their featured designs are coming from. The result is that dizzying traveler’s high you get when you’re sorting through bags at a sprawling flea market in Macau or picking through jewelry at street stalls in Wan Chai. It’s the ultimate shopper’s aphrodisiac. Because everyone knows when you spend money on vacation, it’s kind of like eating off of someone’s plate--the spending doesn’t really count, does it?

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Join us in supporting abused youth with “Glee” Star Harry Shum Jr.

Tag: Charity, Harry Shum Jr., Art, los angeles, Privy Causes

creativity heals

It will be a night for us to celebrate empowerment at the LA’s Arts District when Glee star and Privy 5 member Harry Shum Jr., along with Creativity Heals CEO Jenny Kita, will host the nonprofit’s fourth LABart Gallery fundraiser on April 5 to raise support for youth who have suffered abuse and trauma. As Privy Causes supports worthwhile organizations, we believe in Creativity Heals for their important work.

Privy+ Perk: Travel in Gangnam Style at the Grand Hyatt Seoul

  • by Privy Editor
  • 3/25/2014
Tag: Privy Perks, luxury, hotel, Travel, Seoul

grand hyatt seoul

It’s Gangnam Style meets Park Avenue at this luxe hotspot right in the heart of Seoul’s bustling metropolis. Situated between Gangnam and Byeongdong, two cities known for their downtown shopping district’s and ultra-glam nightlife, this elegant property is surrounded by a city scene that gives you the best of both worlds--street food stands selling delicious comfort food right in front of the finest, 5-star restaurants in Seoul.

It’s the Grand Hyatt Hotel, one of the luxury hotels we have partnered with in our Privy+ Privilege Program. With Privy+, members gain access to deeply, discounted corporate rates at a highly curated selection of hotels around the world.

Now, here’s our featured Privy+ perk of the week: The elegant Grand Hyatt Seoul

The Top 5 Korean Barbecue Restaurants You Need to Try Now

Tag: top 5, food, Privy 5 Los Angeles

korean barbecue

They come up on Facebook and Instagram feeds like food terrorists: those close-up images of thick slabs of pork belly crisping on a hot griddle or marinated flanks of marbled short ribs surrounded by a moat of peppery kimchi, browning onions and garlic sizzling in rendered fat and juices. It’s the requisite Korean barbecue picture that serious meat-eating fans seem to almost compulsively take in the throes of their carnivorous anticipation. It’s probably the same instinct that drove hunters to show off their spoils. But we digress.

With a list like this, you may want to plan a Daniel Wu restaurant crawl

  • by Privy Editor
  • 3/21/2014
Tag: Privy 5 Los Angeles, Restaurants, Daniel Wu, City Guide

daniel wu

California-born Hong Kong actor and director Daniel Wu is a serious gourmand. Wu, who’s starring in action auteur Dante Lam’s much anticipated film “That Demon Within” due out in April, has a top five list that strips away all the possible pretension and hipster posturing commonly frequenting top five lists. At Wu’s favorite restaurants, there will be no faux foodies clamoring in line for Korean/Mexican fusion tacos, red-velvet cupcakes, or the latest pastry hybrid. Instead, the co-founder of the website,, an online community for industry professionals, selects pure flavor crafted by chefs who may wear a tall, white toque blanche but could very likely be cooking with a baseball cap.

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