JUN 19, 2015

An Interview with Model Turned Entrepreneurial Maven, Misa Chien

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Occupation: Entrepreneur, Former Model

Based in: San Francisco

Last Education: University of California, Los Angeles

It started with a bánh mì sandwich.

Like any good entrepreneur, Misa Chien, the former co-owner of Nom Nom Truck, which specializes in those pork and picked veggie baguette sandwiches, would frequently check online reviews for her business. But when Chien couldn’t match the feedback—positive or negative—to her employees, she wondered why anyone hadn’t designed a way for patrons to leave employee-specific reviews. So with the former model’s customary pluck, she did it herself.


APR 2, 2015

Jenny Wu: A Good, Bad, & Fab Woman

member interview   |   By Privy Concierge

Gallery All

Jenny Wu is a force to be reckoned with. So much, in fact, that the Privy member, fashion lawyer and blogger of good, bad, & fab  was eyed by CBS and subsequently cast on The Amazing Race. This season, The Amazing Race has put a hefty spin on the usual partner dynamic that so many of its viewers identify with today: each contestant on the show is set up with a random partner of the opposite gender. The gorgeous and intelligent fashionista flexed some serious muscle this season by roughing it out in different challenges and navigating difficult communication with her teammate.

We had the privilege of interviewing this good, bad, and fab woman about her life leading up to this monumental moment on national television, her thoughts on love and dating, and what she’s up to next:


MAR 27, 2015

Gallery ALL: An Artistic Fusion of East Meets West

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Gallery All

Gallery ALL isn’t your typical art gallery. East meets West in a unique art setting, and with one location in Los Angeles and a second in Beijing, Gallery ALL introduces Chinese and international artists to a steady stream of curators, artists and designers through special events that highlight art and design. The founders of Gallery ALL personally select and showcase the talents of Chinese art both in Beijing and abroad, and recently held an event featuring designs by Naihan Li and Zhoujie Zhang.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with two of the creative minds behind Gallery ALL: Co-Founder Yu Wang, an architect/designer and real estate developer (who founded the gallery with business partner Qingyun Ma, an internationally renowned architect and Dean at the USC School of Architecture), as well as Xiao Lu, the gallery's Managing Partner who is an expert in international PR and marketing. Yu Wang and Xiao Lu took time out from jet-setting between the LA and Beijing spaces to talk with Privy about their inspiration, recent events, artists, and the difference between the L.A. and Beijing art scenes.


OCT 22, 2014

MC Jin Launches 14:59 and looks back on career on both sides of Pacific

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MC Jin

Occupation: Rapper and actor

Based in: New York City


Jin Au-Yeung, aka MC Jin, paved his way into uncharted territory as the first rapper of East Asian and Hong Kong descent to get signed with a major Hip-Hop record label.


MAY 13, 2014

Behind Retired Green Beret Gene Yu's Heroic 2013 Unsanctioned Rescue of a Taiwanese Woman from Abu Sayyaf Terrorists in the Jungles of the Philippines

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Occupation: Entrepreneur

Based in: Taiwan

Last Education: West Point

We recently sat down with Privy member and Retired Green Beret Gene Yu who has an impressive pedigree and a very diverse resume. The Asian-American nephew of the President of Taiwan recently led a 12-member mercenary group composed of Filipino special forces to successfully rescue a Taiwanese woman who had been kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf terrorists in Malaysia and taken to a jungle base camp in southern Philippines. And that’s just the most recent adventure for the world traveler.

Yu’s roots are in Northern California, but now he says that home is where he stashes his underwear—whether it’s his current residence in Asia or in a suitcase while he explores South America. From his military training to his wide array of interests and hobbies, there’s nothing ordinary about the man who used his connections to help free a Chinese tourist abducted in Malaysia.

Now that Evelyn Chang is safe and sound, Yu is working on a book about the experience. In addition, he is also working as the Director of Channels at Perx, Singapore’s #1 loyalty card mobile application company, in addition to promoting his MMA apparel line. There’s not many pies this Renaissance Man doesn’t have a finger in.


APR 7, 2014

Meet Patrick Chun, Financier and Company Builder Helping to Transform NY's Tech Scene

member interview   |   By Privy Editor

Patrick Chun HBS

Occupation: Investor and Entrepreneur

Based in: New York

Last Education: Harvard Business School

Soft-spoken, and with a preference to stay behind-the-scenes, this Harvard Business School graduate is not your usual image of a hard-charging investor or entrepreneur. But for the past ten years, Chun has been involved in building, investing, and advising some of the largest and fastest-growing technology-enabled businesses in the world. As a principal, and one of the business service leaders at Accretive, this New York-based investor works alongside the founding partners of the firm with the mission of building large B2B ventures from the ground up. Chun is also involved in investing, and managing, their portfolio of high-growth insurance, healthcare, and education companies. Before working at Accretive, Patrick honed his chops at some of the largest names in business, including time at Bain Capital Ventures (investing), Microsoft (technology), and McKinsey (consulting).

Chun’s casual way of engaging others, and his collaborative style also belies his keen sense of leadership. Beyond the high impact he’s had in the world of tech investments, the Korean-American was one of the first Asian student body presidents at Harvard Business School. With his trio of Harvard degrees and his active involvement in the aggressive New York entrepreneurial scene, Chun is one to watch.


MAR 31, 2014

Vicky Wu's ZAOZAO is the ultimate aphrodisiac for shoppers

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vicky wu

Occupation: Co-founder & CEO of ZAOZAO

Based in: New York

Last Education: Harvard 2009 (Bachelor's in Psychology & Health policy)

You know that feeling you get when you’re in the middle of an outdoor market in a foreign city, shoppers crowding stalls filled with colorful bracelets, leather bags, and inexplicably, hats emblazoned with American sports teams. The annoyance tinged with amusement as people elbow each other--and you--to get to found treasures. The smell of street food stands selling freshly made custard tarts lead the way like a cartoon vapor as you snake across so many hand-made scarves and belts, you’re not sure if you don’t want anything or if you want it all.

That’s what style-savvy entrepreneur Vicky Wu wants you to experience with the relaunch of ZAOZAO. Instead of just another e-commerce site that sells “pretty things from the mystical Orient,” ZAOZAO now incorporates your retail experience with an added layer of storytelling via the site’s dreamy videos and vintage style pictures that place you right in the middle of the exotic cities where their featured designs are coming from. The result is that dizzying traveler’s high you get when you’re sorting through bags at a sprawling flea market in Macau or picking through jewelry at street stalls in Wan Chai. It’s the ultimate shopper’s aphrodisiac. Because everyone knows when you spend money on vacation, it’s kind of like eating off of someone’s plate--the spending doesn’t really count, does it?

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MAR 21, 2014

With a list like this, you may want to plan a Daniel Wu restaurant crawl

with a list like this, you may want to plan a daniel wu restaurant crawl   |   By Privy Editor

daniel wu

California-born Hong Kong actor and director Daniel Wu is a serious gourmand. Wu, who’s starring in action auteur Dante Lam’s much anticipated film “That Demon Within” due out in April, has a top five list that strips away all the possible pretension and hipster posturing commonly frequenting top five lists. At Wu’s favorite restaurants, there will be no faux foodies clamoring in line for Korean/Mexican fusion tacos, red-velvet cupcakes, or the latest pastry hybrid. Instead, the co-founder of the website,, an online community for industry professionals, selects pure flavor crafted by chefs who may wear a tall, white toque blanche but could very likely be cooking with a baseball cap.

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MAR 17, 2014

From North Korean activist to strategic super networker, Mike Kim believes in the power of people

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mike kim

Occupation: Managing Director at Ferrazi Greenlight

Based in: Los Angeles

Last Education: Georgetown University

If someone asked Mike Kim what he does for a living, he gets to respond, “I’m a code breaker of human behavior.”

Not that the University of Georgetown graduate would say that, because frankly, that would be a little unnerving. But if Kim did ever did want to pull the “I know what you’re thinking” card, he could.

Kim is a managing director of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a Los Angeles-based think tank and strategic consulting firm whose goal, says Kim, is to “crack the code of individual and organizational behavior to improve business success.” Put simply, Ferrazzi provides life coaching for businesses. Headed by CEO and master networker, Keith Ferrazzi, who Forbes magazine dubbed as one of the most “connected individuals in the world,” the consulting firm believes that the critical factor to building better business is building better relationships.

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MAR 7, 2014

Secrets of Hong Kong's Marketing Whisperer, Joanne Ooi

member interviews   |   By Privy Editor

Joanne Ooi

Occupation: CEO at Plukka, Owner of Ooi Botos Art Gallery

Based in: Hong Kong

Last Education: University of Pennsylvania

The situation was grim.

Shanghai Tang, a high-end retail label in China gunning to be the county’s first international luxury brand, was badly hemorrhaging money. Just two years after their launch in 1994, the company closed seven stores globally, and the brand’s ritzy New York flagship store on Madison Avenue closed their doors due to sluggish sales. All signs pointed to a company headed to a plot in the quiet, forgotten graveyard of failed businesses. Then Shanghai Tang pulled out their ace in one: Joanne Ooi. Officially, she was the company’s new creative director. Unofficially, a marketing whisperer.