Meet Patrick Chun, Financier and Company Builder Helping to Transform NY's Tech Scene

  • by Privy Editor
  • 4/07/2014
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Patrick Chun HBS

Occupation: Investor and Entrepreneur

Based in: New York

Last Education: Harvard Business School

Soft-spoken, and with a preference to stay behind-the-scenes, this Harvard Business School graduate is not your usual image of a hard-charging investor or entrepreneur. But for the past ten years, Chun has been involved in building, investing, and advising some of the largest and fastest-growing technology-enabled businesses in the world. As a principal, and one of the business service leaders at Accretive, this New York-based investor works alongside the founding partners of the firm with the mission of building large B2B ventures from the ground up. Chun is also involved in investing, and managing, their portfolio of high-growth insurance, healthcare, and education companies. Before working at Accretive, Patrick honed his chops at some of the largest names in business, including time at Bain Capital Ventures (investing), Microsoft (technology), and McKinsey (consulting).

Chun’s casual way of engaging others, and his collaborative style also belies his keen sense of leadership. Beyond the high impact he’s had in the world of tech investments, the Korean-American was one of the first Asian student body presidents at Harvard Business School. With his trio of Harvard degrees and his active involvement in the aggressive New York entrepreneurial scene, Chun is one to watch.

Vicky Wu's ZAOZAO is the ultimate aphrodisiac for shoppers

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  • 3/31/2014
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vicky wu

Occupation: Co-founder & CEO of ZAOZAO

Based in: New York

Last Education: Harvard 2009 (Bachelor's in Psychology & Health policy)

You know that feeling you get when you’re in the middle of an outdoor market in a foreign city, shoppers crowding stalls filled with colorful bracelets, leather bags, and inexplicably, hats emblazoned with American sports teams. The annoyance tinged with amusement as people elbow each other--and you--to get to found treasures. The smell of street food stands selling freshly made custard tarts lead the way like a cartoon vapor as you snake across so many hand-made scarves and belts, you’re not sure if you don’t want anything or if you want it all.

That’s what style-savvy entrepreneur Vicky Wu wants you to experience with the relaunch of ZAOZAO. Instead of just another e-commerce site that sells “pretty things from the mystical Orient,” ZAOZAO now incorporates your retail experience with an added layer of storytelling via the site’s dreamy videos and vintage style pictures that place you right in the middle of the exotic cities where their featured designs are coming from. The result is that dizzying traveler’s high you get when you’re sorting through bags at a sprawling flea market in Macau or picking through jewelry at street stalls in Wan Chai. It’s the ultimate shopper’s aphrodisiac. Because everyone knows when you spend money on vacation, it’s kind of like eating off of someone’s plate--the spending doesn’t really count, does it?

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Bringing The Brand to India: An Interview with Lalit Choudary

  • by Privy Editor
  • 4/12/2012
Tag: Lalit Choudary, Performance Cars, Aston Martin, Automotive, Entrepreneur, Business

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Managing Director of Infinity Cars Private Limited 

Based in: Mumbai

Last Education: IIM Calcutta


Lalit Choudary is a successful business entrepreneur in the luxury car business. He worked as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers for 8 years, based in Hong Kong for the most part. He relocated to India in 2006 to establish the India operations of the Bank. Lalit saw the opportunity for luxury cars and products in India and established Infinity Cars Private Limited in 2006 with the dealership of BMW in Mumbai and subsequently Madhya Pradesh State. In late 2009 Lalit Choudary initiated dialogue with Aston Martin with a view to bringing the brand to India.