Catch Privy Member Brian Yang on CBS's Hawaii Five-0

  • by Privy Editor
  • 5/02/2011
Tag: Brian Yang, Hawaii Five-0

Occupation: Actor

Based in: Shanghai

Last Education: University of California Berkeley


Privy Interviews Actor Brian Yang

Raised in the Bay Area, where he attended the University of California, at Berkeley, Brian Yang splits his time between the United States and China and has his hands in many different things.  He works as an actor, producer, host, model, and occasional event planner. Last summer, he produced Frexh Shanghai, a showcase of innovators in the fields of fashion, music, art, and food. He will look to do it again in late 2011. He was the host of Shanghai Rush - soon be available online at - which ultimately gave way to what is now The Amazing Race China.  Recent acting credits include Universal Pictures' The Man With the Iron Fists and the CBS series Hawaii Five-0 where he will be in two of the first season's last three episodes as the character Charlie Fong starting tonight (5/2) at 10pm on CBS.  Brian is a partner in 408 Films, a film production company that produced The People I've Slept With (now out on Netflix) and FOG (now available free on