Japanese Ice Balls In Your Scotch, Sir?

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“Scotch on the rocks”. “To be, or not to be”. Both of these iconic phrases are deeply ingrained in our everyday lexicon, yet when combined within the proximity of tradition, the soapbox will surely be brought to the fore in many a bar or tavern, where toasting the old pastimes is just as important as the manner of one choosing how to savor the fine qualities of Scotch, along with maintaining socially acceptable etiquette in the process.

VIP Opening of the Macallan Ten Pound Bar

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What could be more enticing than an invitation to share in time-honored Gaelic traditions and taste the fine age-old heritage of Scotland. We were invited to the opening of the Macallan Ten Pound Bar, and our fervent anticipation is heightened by knowing it is so perfectly situated within the luxurious confines of Montage Beverly Hills.

This classically elegant establishment, an urban oasis of Mediterranean style, so resplendent with the sublime majesty of Spanish, Italian and Moroccan artisans, bringing the sophisticated glamour of Southern California’s roaring 1920’s and 30’s Golden Age to this most legendary and world-renowned neighborhood of the ultra-chic, Beverly Hills.