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The Sichuan province is known for its spices and there is no shortage of Chinese Sichuan restaurants turning up the heat in the city. Warm up to our list of the best Chinese Sichuan restaurants.

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    Neighborhood: N/A

    21 West 39th Street, Suite 1 21 W 39th St (between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas) New York City NY 10018
    +1 212 921 0233
    No one does spicy Sichuan style hotpot quite like Szechuan Gourmet. For authentic Sichuan food and spiciness, you need to be here. Even Frank Bruni of the New York Times recommends Szechuan Gourmet as it is as good as it gets. Come for the lamb with spiced cumin dish, the pork belly appetizer, and the shrimp with spicy pork and asparagus. If you're partaking in the hotpot, make sure you order a co ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Chelsea

    36 West 48th Street Between 5th & 6th Avenue / Rockefeller Plz New York City NY 10036
    +1 212 398 2308
    The fiery Szechuan food and addictive steamed Chengdu dumplings at Wu Liang Ye sees diners regularly returning for second helpings. The deep fried, battered prawn (in their shells) are enormous and chillied noodles are tangle of tingling taste steeped in chile oil vinaigrette. Their website says "Autbentic" Sichuan Cuisine but I am pretty certain they mean authentic, and this is how it tasted for ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Midtown

    1049 2nd Avenue New York City NY 10012
    (212) 355-5855
    Where string beans are secondary elsewhere, in the Grand Sichuan International Eastern they are a main attraction. They also offer a "fresh" chicken menu and this does not mean "never frozen" it means freshly slaughtered; the Auzhou spicy chicken is as fresh as it gets. This restaurant is part of a mini-chain which has blazed a chili trail through NYC and every one turns out first rate, well price ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Theatre District

    411 W 42nd St (between 9th Ave & Dyer Ave) New York NY 10036
    (212) 868-6588
    Ollie's Szechuan fits the bill for original and unique, it is busy, the waiters are harried and the prices are reasonable. For people with a visceral need for "spicy" if a dish says "numbing" believe it. Ollie's is also very convenient (a great place to avoid Times Square), and the scallion pancakes are great. For some reason this dish has become a stalwart of NYC and most locals have Ollie's on s ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: N/A

    137-40 Northern Blvd New York City NY 11354
    Across the road from the Town Hall in downtown Flushing this Hunanese newcomer makes the most of their predilection for pickled peppers. Sometimes spicy, sometimes sour, Hunan House is liberal with the cumin and generous regarding obscure ingredients. One of the best items on, or is it off the special menu is the pork wrapped in lotus leaves. This dish is sprinkled with crusty rice powder and stea ... read more >

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