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The only other place to find Mexican and Latin food this authentic and delicious would be in Mexico and parts of Latin America. Even then the quality of the Mexican and Latin cuisine in this city is comparable and sometimes indistinguishable from the food you get in Mexico. Here's a list of the top places to find authentic Mexican and Latin food in this city.

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    Neighborhood: East Village


    23 Avenue A (at 2nd St) New York NY 10009
    (212) 529-2919
    You’ll find a delicious Havana inspired meal at Yerba Buena without any pretension. The fine dining experience begins with the stunning cocktails which include Pisco Guava and Desert Rose just to name a few of the standouts. From the menu you’ll want to try their Palmitos Fritos and the short ribs which are expertly cooked and incredibly tasty. The romantic ambiance and the top notch and phenomena ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: West Village


    50 Carmine St New York City NY 10014
    (212) 929-5050
    Cabrito is in fact an eponymous dish served in Latin America and spread to the American Southwest; this is made from the meat of a kid, which is actually a young goat. So Cabrito is more than just a name of a casual cantina in Manhattan, it is also one of their more popularly served meals. Rubbed with sour orange, garlic, and chile, then slow roast in banana leaf. Chef David Schuttenberg has let h ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Union Square


    9 East 18th Street, Union Square between 5th Avenue & Broadway New York City NY 10003
    +1 212 533 3350
    Rosa Mexicano is in actual fact a chain, with each having its own secret gifts. Neither chic, nor intimate like its older brother and sister, it comes across as downright gaudy. A blue tiled water-wall is the centre of attraction and bright primary colors have been blasted on walls. But patrons don't come for the dizzying décor, they come for the rich chunky guacamole – prepared tableside in a tra ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Midtown


    251 W. 50th St. (Between Broadway & 8th Ave) New York City NY 10019
    +1 212 581 1818
    Toloache is nothing to look at from the street, but Broadway has a way of life imitating art, or art imitating life, so nothing is ever as it seems to appear. This is a dedicated Mexican tavern decorated in silver lanterns and hand painted tile. Co-owner chef Julian Medina goes to town on the guacamoles which are mashed to order at the bar, as for the rest, he skips and hops all over Mexico. Oaxac ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: East Village


    179 Avenue B 11th & 12th Streets New York City NY 10009
    +1 212 529 6490
    The mahi mahi tacos don't disappoint and in a nice celebrity story, a Mercadito aspiring actress/waitress saw Quentin Tarantino out for a walk, ran up to him, gave him a card and offered a round of drinks on her if he returned. He did, the next day, bringing along Benicio Del Toro – now that's a waitress who thinks on her feet! Patricio Sandoval is the Mexico City born chef-owner and Mercadito is ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Upper East Side


    174 East 82nd Street New York City NY 10028
    +1 212 717 7772
    Situated in the Grand Central Terminal, Lower Dining Concourse you will find Zocalo and they make the best passion fruit margarita to go. This is Julian Medina again, bringing Mexico City to NYC, and because of their immediate location they specialize in the most portable items of food and drink. Although table service is available, burritos and sandwiches are the order of the day for regular Mexi ... read more >

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