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The new American cuisine is today as much about fusing the foods of other cultures into the melting pot as providing classic American dishes. Each dish takes time-honored dishes and adds modern touches to form the new American cuisine you'll find is becoming increasingly popular. In this case, new is better and you'll enjoy the innovative flair of the chefs working at these stand out new American cuisine restaurants in the city.

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  • Categories: Night Life,  Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

    Cuisine:American (New)

    12 E. 12th St. New York City NY
    A seeming contradiction, the Gotham Bar and Grill offers discerning diners, sophisticated food with mass appeal. It's not stuffy; you can feel comfortable in jeans, but you could wear a tux. They have been setting industry standards which have influenced US culinary arts for 25 years - as long as Alfred Portale; French Chef, now also shareholder, has been behind the scenes. Today there is no large ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: West 60s

    Cuisine:American (New), French

    10 Columbus Circle Time Warner Center New York City NY 10019
    (212) 823-9335
    "Per Se" a Latin phrase for "by themselves", used in English legal, argument. With Per Se as a name, and three Michelin stars, this epicurean hot spot overlooking Central Park has made a name for itself. Thomas Keller, voted the best Chef in the land; of French Laundry fame, has successfully "done it again!" Seasonal, five to nine-course "petit" menus make for a memorable, advanced gastronomic exp ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: East Village

    Cuisine:American (New)

    163 1st Ave New York NY 10003
    (212) 475-7899
    For the first time in Momofuku history, counter dining is not possible at the new midtown venue in the Chambers Hotel. David Chang, Momofuku mastermind and Tien Ho, executive-chef-partner are responsible for this French-Vietnamese bistro. Thanks to Tien Ho, the humble hamburger is traditional and on the menu (he is Texan!) Still you never know quite what to expect when you enter a Momo, it is the ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Gramercy/Flatiron

    Cuisine:American (New), American (Traditional)

    42 East 20th Street New York City NY 10019
    +1 212 477 0777
    The Michelin Rated Gramercy Tavern's kitchen efforts are directed by the virtuoso talent of Chef - Michael Anthony, late of Blue Hill and March. This well patronized, Barn-style restaurant, decorated in "Early American" and Robert Kushner murals, has flourished. Subtle, slightly rustic poached and braised dishes, of lightly smoked lobster and trout are highly recommended, and sample the Sun Gold t ... read more >

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