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A more progressive city by the day, this city is beginning to thrive on green living. It doesn't get any more green than vegan and vegetarian food and this city houses a number of stellar vegan and vegetarian places where the food tastes so amazing you'll swear it couldn't possibly be vegetarian.

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  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: East Village

    Cuisine:Kosher/Jewish, Vegetarian/Vegan

    405 East 6th Street (between First Avenue and Avenue A) New York City NY 10009
    +1 212 254 1613
    At Caravan of Dreams you'll find a range of cuisine, all vegetarian, vegan and Kosher. Caravan of Dreams is a lively East Village spot with daily live music and a menu comprised of Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Asian and Middle Eastern interpretations, all vegan-kosher. The Classic Nacho starter bursts with flavor, featuring a guacamole and salsa which tap-dances on your taste-buds. Simple flavors of ... read more >
  • Categories: Night Life,  Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Midtown

    Cuisine:Raw, Vegetarian/Vegan

    105 First Avenue (Between 6th and 7th) New York City NY 10003
    +1 212 982 5870
    A chic organic wine and martini bar, as well as vegetarian bistro, which makes sense when you remember Vodka is made from potatoes! The aptly named Counter, decants herb infused vodka martinis and three hundred varied Earth-friendly wines. Owner, Deborah Gavito, grows her own organic seasonal produce from the confines of a roof-top garden, so produce doesn't get more local, or more organic. The ki ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Upper East Side


    1307 3rd Ave (between 74th St & 75th St) New York City NY 10021
    (212) 472-0970
    This vegetarian/vegan restaurant does as good a job as any health food emporium of defying the tasteless stereotype veggies have come to mean to some carnivore cuisine loving individuals. They are the ex Health Candle and baby brother/sister to Candle 79. The Candle Café uses first rate ingredients to serve a macrobiotic vegetarian diet which is both full-flavored and imaginative. A quesadilla, se ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Upper East Side


    154 E 79th St New York City NY 10075
    (212) 537-7179
    First there was Candle 79, then came Candle Café, so this is the larger than life, double-level version of the café. It is feng shui tuned so there is no indigestion for patrons, and as the cuisine is vegetarian/vegan you get to eat great food completely conscience-free. The décor and design is elegant and low-key, the menus shift with the seasons, and the clientele are Upper East Side attractive. ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: East Village


    430 E 9th St (between 1st Ave & Avenue A) New York NY 10009
    (212) 228-7732
    The rationale behind the name Dirt Candy comes from Pure Food and Wine alumni and owner Amanda Cohen, and this is essentially her philosophy. Although we are loath to cut meat out from our diet, the starch heavy menu was just too appealing to miss out on an opportunity for some very fine dining. We are talking pickled shiitake topped grits with a tempura poached egg. Committed carnivores leave Dir ... read more >

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