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Vietnamese cuisine is hugely popular for their banh mi and pho. But, the culture is filled with a wealth of other dishes that you'd be missing out on if you didn't try them. Fortunately, we've made a list of the top five places to go if you're looking to diversify your Vietnamese cuisine tasting experiences.

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    Neighborhood: NoHo


    430 Lafayette Street (between Astor Place and 4th Street) New York City NY 10003
    +1 212 505 5111
    Indochine is faux French-Vietnamese and one of the stalwarts of this food genre, it has been with us since the 80's during which time it was a cooler than cool place to be scene. Glen Close, Kate Moss, Calvin Klein and Claus von Bulow have all been captured on film feasting at Indochine.  A recently released 25th anniversary photo history tells it all at this still chic downtown hot spot for great ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Tribeca


    110 Reade Street Between West Broadway and Church Street New York City NY 10013
    +1 212 267 1777
    Appealing wheatgrass, soothing green and bamboo décor makes Nam appear what it is. Neither too Tribeca trendy-chic nor too cheap and cheerful; just the right Vietnamese hip and at just the right US$ price. As with many evocative items, all good things come in small packages no matter what the Texas beef baron may tell us. Vietnam street-inspired food is soft rice-paper rolls deep fried (cha gio), ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Chelsea


    158 9th Avenue New York City NY 10013
    +1 212 633 0550
    Omai is sleek and shares in the same understated yet stylish aesthetics of Nam – they are both very chilled and if you are looking for effortless eating, this is as it should be. They offer a similar menu, so you will certainly get more of the same, and it is always consistently fresh. The rice paper-wrapped confections are one of their raison d'être and in a freezing NY winter - coming out of the ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Gramercy/Flatiron


    391 2nd Ave (between 22nd St & 23rd St) New York City NY 10010
    (212) 725-7770
    Bao Noodles is a Vietnamese noodle shop specializes in, well…noodles, and they cook in the traditional Saigon-style. Bowls of steamy crab noodle soup, pigs head salad, stir-fries, whole red snapper, lollipop chicken and succulent spiced up stews are all on the menu. Oddly - part Irish pub, part French bistro this lively, artfully aged, mirrored space, sees crowds piling in to slurp up cocktails, n ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Chinatown


    87 Baxter St (between Walker St & White St) New York NY 10013
    (212) 233-5948
    The barbecued pork chop is splendid and so are the So is xao dong co – clams, the beef and pork is juicy and Nha Trang One serves one of the best Pho soups in the city. This Vietnamese retreat is fast, cheap and they sell healthy food with a menu which is always better when spring and summer comes around. This is because the best fresh ingredients are available at this time of year. It is a bustli ... read more >

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