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Privy 5 New York Vietnamese Banh Mi

Vietnamese baguettes made from wheat and rice flour can be found in eateries that specialize in the ever-popular Banh Mi. Numerous Vietnamese café restaurants specialize in this delicious sandwich type made authentically from an actual abundant Vietnamese presence in the city.

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  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Gramercy/Flatiron

    Cuisine:Delis/Sandwiches, Vietnamese

    61 Lexington Ave (between 25th St & 26th St) New York City NY 10010
    (212) 532-1133
    A clever name like Baoguette, did not necessarily mean this bánh mì would be a great success. But it has proven to have opened in the right places at the right time, when Asian inspire street eats in New York, are top of the top ten list. It has been followed by two baby brothers/sisters, and Baoguette was the flagship shop of what has already become a mini-chain. Michael Bao and Thao Nguyen, wand ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: East Village

    Cuisine:Vietnamese Banh Mi (Sandwiches)

    150 East 2nd Street (Avenue A) New York City NY 10009
    +1 212 388 1088
    The Vietnamese "sandwich", is what we were talking about in the intro; it is strongly influenced by the presence of the French in Vietnam. The co-owner of Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches has a wealth of experience with these specialized sandwiches and knows the tricks of the "banh mi" trade as her fathers' sandwich shop is the famous Sunset Park - An Dong. The portabello banh mi is awesome, but The ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Lower East Side

    Cuisine:Vietnamese Banh Mi (Sandwiches)

    85 Orchard Street (between Grand St & Broome St) New York City NY 10002
    (212) 226-3700
    Tuan Bui, owner of this Vietnamese street-eats site serves time-honored bánh mì; constructed of chicken-liver pâté, pork, pickled daikon, carrot, etcetera, with a five-spice pork that is made in-house. The décor is attention-grabbing too as it is inspired by Vietnamese street-food culture which gives An Choi an ad-hoc café-look that needs to be seen to be properly appreciated. As well as the tradi ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: East Village

    Cuisine:Vietnamese Banh Mi (Sandwiches)

    37 St. Mark's Pl (between 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave) New York NY 10003
    (347) 892-2614
    There are only so many places where no bánh mì has gone before – and this husband and wife team seem determined to find them, wherever they may be. If you are looking for a bold juicy in-house-made meat sandwich, an explosion of bread and meat features, together with all the general accoutrements then you need to visit Baoguette Cafe. If you want it spicy, you will get it hot, but you could always ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: N/A

    Cuisine:Cafe/Coffee/Tea/Bakery, Vietnamese Banh Mi (Sandwiches)

    136-20 38th Ave New York City NY 11354
    (718) 713-0404
    It was only a matter of time till the "real" French Bread people got an elbow in on the bánh mì buzz. No one really knows when NY went bananas about bánh mì, but they have and now everyone and his uncle wishes to get onto the bánh mì bandwagon. As a baguette is used in a Vietnamese sandwich, who better qualified to get on-board than Paris Baguette? They have opened a new store in K-town and the pl ... read more >

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