Top 5 to visit while in New York

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  • Categories: Night Life,  Restaurants

    Neighborhood: SoHo


    60 Thompson Street New York City NY 10012
    +1 212 219 2000
    60 Thompson Street in the South Village is home to Kittichai, one of the cities most outstanding Thai food venues. Boasting stunning décor, excellent service and equally impressive Thai cuisine makes this an easy choice for Thai foodie fans. The fine dining at Kittichai starts with appetizers such as the exceptional chicken in green curry and a memorable eggplant and basil. Mains include dishes su ... read more >
  • Categories: Night Life

    Neighborhood: SoHo

    77 W. Houston St. 2F New York NY 10013
    The signature cocktail at Audrey Saunders’s Pegu Club is the Earl Grey MarTEAni - an egg white cocktail and the perfect liquid lunch. Trust the vodka to kill salmonella causing bacteria and flip out on this cocktail. Mixologist Audrey is a master of the craft and in this Burmese Officers Club setting, where everything old is new, they only serve show stoppers. Silkily dressed dates are seen here s ... read more >
  • Categories: Night Life

    Neighborhood: SoHo

    32 Watts Street New York City NY 10013
    +1 212 941 1781
    Circa the days of indoor smoking are long gone,but Circa Tabac has changed this. Circa Tabac is the kind of club where you can take your pack of Dunhill Fine-Cut of London and have the freedom to smoke as you please. This shrine of Art deco Havana décor, grubby curtains, clubby music and candlelight is perfect for you to light up and enjoy.

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