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People here love their Japanese food and are spoiled by the quality Japanese restaurants they can find all over the city. But all Japanese restaurants are not created equally and some just happen to shine above the rest. Here is the list of those restaurants.

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  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Sunset District


    3420 Judah St (between 39th Ave & 40th Ave) San Francisco CA 94122
    (415) 566-6860
    Looking for a restaurant that can fulfill your cravings for anything that is Japanese will bring you to Tazaki Sushi. This lovely restaurant can fill your hunger with their long list of menu items that are all tasteful. Ramen, sushi, soba, and teriyaki; name it and they have it.  Sushis made from the freshest catch will melt in your mouth. If you cannot decide on what to order but would like to tr ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: N/A

    Cuisine:Japanese, Japanese Sushi

    3123 Clement St (at 32nd Ave) San Francisco CA 94121
    (415) 379-3604
    Japanese cooking has only got better at Oyaji. This izakaya inspired restaurant has the most authentic Japanese dishes like various kinds of mouth watering sushi and sashimi. Fried tempuras and chicken meatballs will tickle your discriminating palate. Not to be missed is the sizzling beef loaded with caramelized onions. However, if you are the type who wants to try something different, the crab an ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: N/A

    Cuisine:Japanese, Japanese Sushi

    1700 Laguna St (between Bush St & Sutter St) San Francisco CA 94115
    (415) 474-2866
    You will definitely be in the mood for lip smacking with anything that you will eat at this small restaurant that has an excellent ambiance perfect for an evening date. Fresh fish are their house specialty and it is cooked in many different ways which the chef carefully plans each day. They have an assortment of mouth-watering sashimi but it is omakase dinner that is splendidly delicious is the st ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: N/A

    Cuisine:Japanese Sushi

    2100 Ward St. at Shattuck Ave. Berkeley CA 94705
    Kirala has not been called the best Japanese restaurant in San Francisco for the fifteen years for nothing. They serve the best sushi that has been creatively done with different ingredients that are delivered fresh and quick to the dining tables. Other than specialty sushi creations, you have to try their spicy yakisoba and other Japanese noodle recipe as well. They have beef and chicken dishes t ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: South Bay

    Cuisine:Japanese Sushi

    325 Sharon Park Drive Menlo Park CA 94025
    +1 650 234 1084
    Literally meaning “beautiful moon” in Japanese, Kaygetsu is a Japanese Restaurant that successfully brings the flavors of Japan to the heart of San Francisco. The restaurant only uses the freshest catch of the day to come up with delectable sushi, tangy seafood soups and other mouth watering dishes.  Kaygetsu has never fails to satisfy many hungry patrons. The sashimi is a crowd pleaser and the su ... read more >

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