Japanese Bar Food Restaurants in Los Angeles

Privy 5 San Francisco Japanese Bar Food

You’ll find some great Japanese Bar Food restaurants and eateries in the city, specializing in Japanese Bar Food that features Izakaya and Yakitori style cuisine. But the only the best Japanese Bar Food restaurants make the Privy list of Japanese Bar Food restaurants.

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    Neighborhood: Pacific Heights

    1700 Post St (between Buchanan St & Webster St) San Francisco CA 94115
    (415) 673-6004
    Typically a Japanese restaurant that does not have a standard menu, Kappa can whip up just about anything. Some of their appetizing treats are succulent sushi wrapped in nori paper that melts in your mouth. They also have sashimis and udon that you will love even to the last bite and slurp. Their menus are not fixed because they rely on what is to be delivered fresh to them each day. What makes th ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Sunset District

    1500 Irving St (between 16th Ave & 17th Ave) San Francisco CA 94122
    (415) 742-5122
    A long day of work at the office is best ended with a bottle of ice cold beer and the best pork belly dish at Izakaya Sozai. Most guests preferred to be treated to a bowl of the yummiest Japanese ramen that is served with a broth of your choice. Sake, a traditional Japanese wine, is served to complete your perfect evening meal. One good thing about this restaurant is they personally keep whatever ... read more >
  • Categories: Night Life,  Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Richmond District

    312 8th Ave (between Clement St & Geary Blvd) San Francisco CA 94118
    (415) 221-9165
    Typically an authentic izakaya restaurant, Halu is one neat place where you and your friends can meet up for good food and the finest Japanese drinks. The restaurant is flowing with authentic Japanese beer, Sake and Shochu. You will appreciate these drinks if they are served with small servings of tempting Japanese appetizers such as flavorful deep fried vegetable tempura and steaming hot gyoza du ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: The Castro

    2275 Market St (between 16th St & Noe St) San Francisco CA 94114
    (415) 552-2280
    Although Sushi Time is one place that is very difficult to find, everything is worth all the effort. Even the space itself is rather small such that it can only accommodate not more than ten diners at a time. They serve one of the juiciest sashimis that are fresh and tasty. Their sushis will be sure to flatter your taste buds. Gyozas at Sushi Time are all home made and they come in vegetable, shri ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Civic Center

    1161 Post St (between Polk St & United States Highway 101) San Francisco CA 94109
    (415) 346-2222
    is known in the neighborhood for their delicious sushis which are also their house specialty. Their sushi bar is a welcome treat to people who love eating raw food. Their friend spring rolls are also a knockout. They serve Japanese beers and wines such as Sake. You can enjoy both treats while singing to the delight of your heart at any of its smaller rooms that have karaoke.

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