Cocktail Specialists in Los Angeles

Privy 5 Seoul Cocktail Specialists

A hard day’s work definitely deserves a treat! Whether you’re relaxing after a long work week or taking business associates out for a good time, these bars/lounges specializing in top-notch cocktails will never disappoint you.

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  • Categories: Night Life

    Neighborhood: Apgujeong/Cheongdam

    85-1 Cheongdam-dong Seoul Gangnam-gu

    Local Language Address: 서울시 강남구 청담동 85-1

    For most people, music can set different moods at any given time. It could help in unwinding and relaxing after a busy day at work, or for some, a perfect complement in spending an intimate evening with their special someone. Whatever you may fancy, as long as music is of your primary concern, Once in a Blue Moon will be at your service to provide such. Located along Cheongdam-dong, Once in a Blue ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Itaewon


    455-35 Itaewon-dong Seoul Yongsan-gu
    Tony Le Rhodes, a professional musician and the owner of Tony’s Aussue Bar and Bistro in Itaewon, boasts of serving the most enjoyable Australian beef burgers in Seoul. Choices include the Cheese Burger, Double Cheese Burger, Double Cheese and Bacon Burger, Bacon and Egg Burger, The Works Burger, Fish Burger and Vego Burger (made from chick pea patties) for vegans. Tony’s Bacon and Egg burger is o ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Itaewon


    128-6 Itaewon Dong 2nd Floor & 3rd Floors Seoul Yongsan-gu
    The Wolfhound Irish Pub and Restaurant in Itaewon serves the juiciest burgers in town. They proudly display on their website that a number of top food bloggers and magazines agree that the Wolfhound Irish Pub is home to the best burgers in Seoul or even Korea for that matter. But this doesn't mean that you have to be a carnivore to appreciate the menu. Vegans would most likely go for their famous ... read more >
  • Categories: Night Life

    Neighborhood: Hongdae/Shinchon/Edae

    411-1 Seogyo-dong Seoul Mapo-gu
    Vinyl Underground, or simply called Vinyl by the locals, can be found within the University district in Busan, South Korea. Characterized by its big banana logo, the place is a hot spot for foreigners and a nice venue to meet single Korean ladies. Since its opening in 2002, Vinyl has evolved into one of the most successful hot spots for both party people and DJ's in South Korea. It’s no wonder it ... read more >
  • Categories: Night Life

    Neighborhood: Apgujeong/Cheongdam

    89-20 Cheongdam-dong Seoul Gangnam-gu

    Local Language Address: 서울시 강남구 청담동 89-20

    If name can be deceiving, Coffee Bar K will definitely be successful at such. Simply called K Bar by its patrons, the place is actually a haven for cocktail lovers – martinis, whiskies, customized drinks. Upon entering the bar, you will be surrounded by its luxurious furniture, lighting, and stylish interior. Sit on their plush comfortable black leather chairs or by the bar made out of a long slab ... read more >
  • Categories: Night Life

    Neighborhood: Sinsa-dong

    554-32 Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong Seoul Gangnam-gu
    Care for a mojito? Well you better be more specific than that when you visit Serein. Located off the main street of Garosu-gil, Sinsa, this cozy bar is popular in serving the most varieties of mojito cocktails in Seoul. Be captivated with their artistic interior – retro-styled light bulbs with clearly visible filament emanating warm light extends all the way down to just above your head from the c ... read more >
  • Categories: Night Life

    Neighborhood: Sinsa-dong

    532-4 Sinsa-dong Masa Bldg. 103 Seoul Gangnam-gu
    Another hit bar is located off the main Garosu street in Sinsa – Mix Bar. So what’s in this place that makes it a sought-after one despite the off location? If you’re a cocktail lover and trendsetter, you’ll know why. Mix boasts 7 types of mojitos, 9 brands of vodka (with 16 types in different variation), and 14 varieties of martinis. The menu won’t really give you a hard time to decide because a ... read more >

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