81 Banya Ramen
Categories: Restaurants

Neighborhood: Itaewon

737-24 Hannam-dong


South Korea

Local Language Address: 서울시 용산구 한남동 737-24 라멘 81번옥


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A ramen eatery that feels like you are really dining in Japan, 81 Banya Ramen is a favorite hang out of ramen lovers in Seoul. In 2003, a Japanese noodle chef brought his ramen to Korea. Mr. Kasahara, the owner, has almost three decades of ramen cooking expertise. His traditional handmade noodle has since created loyal followers. Located next to Itaewon hotel, 81 Banya Ramen’s simple interior is a replica of the Japanese ramen houses you see on every corner of Japan. Choose between two kinds of equally delicious ramen. There is the soy sauce based clear broth with slices of pork fat. The handmade noodles are soft and the pork fat is so tasty and melts in the mouth. The broth is so flavorful and you will savor every spoonful. The other kind is the bean curd (miso) flavored ramen. This miso based broth is not salty and does not have the pork fat. Both kinds of ramen are garnished with bean sprouts that are crunchy to the bite, some corn kernels and seaweeds. A variation of the soy sauce based broth and the miso based broth are also available. In Japan, ramen eating contest is popular. 81 Banya Ramen also brought to Korea that fun fare. This contest has become a crowd drawer for the ramen house. If you could gobble up a humungous bowl of ramen almost equivalent to four servings in twenty minutes, you will make it to the hall of fame. And of course, the ramen that made your belly so full is on the house. The ramen bowls actually come in three sizes.: regular, medium, and humongous. the humungous bowl is for those who are up to the challenge  of finishing at kitchen sink bowl of ramen in 20 minutes and the ramen is free.  81 Banya Ramen house is open starting lunch time until 9 in the evening. The ramen house does close though in the afternoon for about two hours to make time for noodle making. 81 Banya Ramen is also not open for business on Mondays.

CUISINE: Japanese Ramen

MEALS: Lunch,Dinner

Price Range: Not Sure

Attire: Casual

Takes Reservations: No

Parking: Street

Takeout: No

Delivers: No

Accept Credit Cards: Not Sure

Good For Groups: No

Good For Kids: Yes

Waiter Service: No

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