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You're never at a loss for great Indian food in this city. In fact, people over here embrace Indian food which means you'll never be with a dearth of fine Indian cuisine throughout the city. Fortunately for you, we've narrowed down five of the best Indian restaurants.

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    Neighborhood: Sokeuk-dong


    144-2, Sokeuk-dong 1F of ArtSonje Center Seoul Jongno-gu

    Local Language Address: 서울시 종로구 소격동 144-2 1F (아트선재센터 1층)

    +82-2-736-4627 ~ 8
    Located in the Art Sonjae art gallery, Dal is one of the premier Indian restaurants in all of Seoul. Dal is not your typical Indian restaurant with an boudoir atmosphere complete with crimson lighting that is accompanied by private rooms with velvet furniture. The elegance of the venue only enhances an already stellar menu including delicious chicken tikki masala, samosas, palak paneer, and much m ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Taepyeongno


    84 Taepyeongno 1-ga B2 Seoul Finance Center Seoul Jung-gu

    Local Language Address: 서울시 중구 태평로1가 84 파이낸스빌딩 지하2층

    Ganga Indian Restaurant got its name from the famous and sacred river that flows through the heart of India. Ganga Restaurant has nine branches in Seoul and its main branch known as the Sinsa Branch is located at Apgujong Station, which is in the southern part of Seong-su Bridge. The Interior design of Ganga is so captivating that you will forget you are in Seoul. It gives you the feel of India wi ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Myeongdong/Namademun


    1-3 Myung-dong 1ga YWCA Bldg., 1st Basement Seoul Jung-gu

    Local Language Address: 서울시 중구 명동1가 1-3 YWCA 빌딩

    The Taj Indian Restaurant in Seoul was named after one of the famous attractions in India, the Taj Mahal. The Taj Indian Restaurant, or simply known as The Taj, is famous for its exquisite Indian dishes and astounding interior design. The Taj has opened three branches located in Myung-dong, Gangnam, and Bundang respectively. The first location is Myung-dong Taj, which is situated in the basement o ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Gangnam Station/Yeoksamdong


    737, Yeoksam-dong Gangnam Finance Center B1 Seoul Gangnam-gu
    Do you know the difference between Dal from India and Restaurant Dahl from Seoul? Well, Dal/Dahl is known as comfort food in India while Restaurant Dal is a place that gives comfort while enjoying Indian dishes in Seoul. Restaurant Dal is situated in Gangnam Finance Center, Yeoksam-dong and Songyeok Art Sunjae Center. Restaurant Dal gives you the taste of India through its elegant ambiance and dis ... read more >
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    Neighborhood: Itaewon


    123-5 Itaewon-dong 2F Seoul Yongsan-gu
    Searching for an Indian Restaurant in Seoul that will awake your inner soul? Search no more, try Chakraa Indian Restaurant. Chakraa Indian Restaurant is one of the Indian restaurants in Seoul that will mesmerize you with its colorful ambiance and delicious Indian dishes. Chakraa Indian Restaurant has four branches in Seoul; Hannam Dong, Itaewon, Songtan & Suwan. The Hannam Dong Chakraa Branch is l ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Changsin-dong


    148-1 Changshin-dong 2nd Floor Seoul Jongno-gu
    Everest Restaurant is a restaurant in Seoul that serves authentic Nepalese, Indian & Tibetan cuisines. They are situated in Tongdaemun and Yongdompho.

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