Jaha Son Mandu
Categories: Restaurants

Neighborhood: Buam-dong

245-2 Buam-dong


South Korea

Local Language Address: 서울시 종로구 부암동 245-2


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This restaurant located I the silent neighborhood of Buam-dong, inspired by creating delectable mandu, has come a long way since it opened back in 1993. Park Hye-gyeong opened the Jaha Son Mandu restaurant a small restaurant at that could only accommodate three people at his sister-in-law’s humble abode around seventeen years ago. But now, the restaurant occupies two floors of the house and even needed to expand and build a gazebo for customers who are waiting to be seated and enjoy the famous dumpling dishes being served there. Another restaurant location was put up on the tenth floor of the Myeong-dong Shingsegae Department Store. The Jaha Son Mandu restaurant menu varies as seasons change although mandu is available although out the year. Diners may opt to order separate dishes or go for the full seven course dumpling or mandu meal set. The square-shaped dumpling called pveonsu is one of the most ordered specialties at Jaha Son. The mandu has beef, cucumber, and shiitake mushroom filling that truly gives a wonderful blend of flavors. Jaha Son Mandu really takes advantage of its location. Perched on a slope overlooking the neighborhood, the eatery provides wonderful views of Buam-dong and the surrounding mountains, especially from the second floor---very conducive to a sublime dining experience. The tteok maduguk or dumpling in rice cake soup is also a best seller.  The winter soup has meat dumplings and pearl rice cakes and is called joraengi tteok but the restaurant version has carrot, spinach and beet to add color and texture to the soup. The kimchi mandu jeongol or mandu stew with meat and kimchi also comforts patrons during wintertime. Whatever time of the year, Jaha Son Mandu will surely satisfy your appetite for dumplings or mandu. They even sell frozen mandu packs so clients can take them home and cook them whenever they get a craving for good old fashioned traditional mandu.

CUISINE: Korean Dumplings 

MEALS: Lunch,Dinner


Mon 11:00am-9:30pm

Price Range: $10

Attire: Casual

Takes Reservations: No

Parking: Street

Takeout: Yes

Delivers: No

Accept Credit Cards: No

Good For Groups: Yes

Good For Kids: Yes

Waiter Service: Yes

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