Privy 5 Seoul Korean Chicken

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  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Sinsa-dong


    640-5 Sinsa-dong 1st Floor Seoul Gangnam-gu

    Local Language Address: 서울시 강남구 신사동 640-5 대성빌딩 1층 1호

    Kyochon is a fried chicken restaurant that is so famous and very visible in Korea that it has earned the title Korea’s favorite chicken restaurant. Founded by Won-Kang Kwon, the first restaurant was opened in 1991. His passion is creating a fried chicken like no other and has more than 1,000 branches in Korea. The chicken’s distinct taste has also captured the heart of China and the United States ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Namsan-dong


    6-4 Namsandong 2ga Seoul Jung-gu

    Local Language Address: 서울시 중구 남산동2가 6-4

    Can’t get enough of chicken to address your huge craving? Then head to Two Two Fried Chicken for a quick fried chicken fix. This famous fried chicken restaurant is conveniently located right by Mokdong Station. You can also find another Two Two Fried Chicken near the Omokgyo Station. Fried chicken is delicious. But sometimes you can not stand too much grease you get from eating the fried food. Two ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Seocho-dong


    1307-29 Seocho-dong 1F Seoul Seocho-gu
    Are you a health buff who shun away from oily food but could not resist eating crispy chicken? Then Hotsun Baked Chicken is the right food for you.  Hotsun started the chicken business in the eighties and has been successful since then. This baked chicken restaurant chain was recently awarded the 2010 Korea’s Top Brands Award under the category of Roasted and Baked Chicken Specialty Stores. The ch ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Hongdae/Shinchon/Edae


    147-19 Donggyo-dong Seoul Mapo-gu
    A tiny joint with a big taste, Reggae Chicken is raved about by many. Non-stop reggae plus awesome fried chicken, what more could you ask for?  This restaurant with a Jamaican touch and all that out of the ordinary interior is located in Hongdae. The staff at this restaurant also exudes everything reggae. Reggae chicken is crispy and coated with breading. You will be delighted by the seasoned meat ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Inheon-dong


    1640-8 Inheon-dong Seoul Gwanak-gu

    Local Language Address: 서울시 관악구 인헌동 1640-8 BBQ 치킨

    Their tagline that goes like - “it is not barbecue… its BBQ! BBQ Chicken is a fast food chain that is famous in South Korea. The branches are scattered all over making it accessible to anyone who wants a quick meal. BBQ Chicken is not like the traditional fried chicken sold by other fried chicken restaurants. The food served here reminds you more of the American fast foods restaurants. The packagi ... read more >

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