Chinese Hot Pot Restaurants in Los Angeles

Privy 5 Shanghai Chinese Hot Pot

Hot Pot/Shabu Shabu is easy to do and even easier to enjoy and we're making it easy for you to find the top Hot Pot/Shabu Shabu places in this city.

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    Neighborhood: Pudong

    601 Zhangyang Lu 9/F Pudong International Food Centre Shanghai Pudong District
    +86 21 5836 1866
    This is a popular hot pot spot, so either come a little early or a little late to avoid the rush. A good idea is to come in a small group – large parties may take longer to get a table. The peanut sauce is great, and complements most items on the menu. You’re paying for quality here, so you should expect to fork over a little extra than might be anticipated for hot pot. There are nearly a dozen so ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: French Concession

    2F, 1066 Huaihai Zhong Rd near Fuxing Lu Shanghai Xuhui District 200031
    +86 21 5403 0410
    A chain enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, this is a clean, no frills venue. The burner beneath the pot is at the table, and the pot itself is split in two for the spicy and mild to cater for your taste. Great for large groups and you can make sure everyone in your party is happy with the heat or mildness. The food is high quality and relatively cheap. The beverages available include beer to pu ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Jing An

    301-1 Huashan Road Shanghai Jing An District 200040
    +86 21 6249 8877
    French influence in Asian cuisine can be found at this hot pot spot. Tones of Western European cooking are found alongside Chinese and Thai cooking in a Chinese Tawainese/Fujian chain. The overhead involved in letting the broth stew with herbs for eight hours before you arrive is worth it. You may also want to chow down on some dumplings, lemongrass chicken, or other appetizers while you wait for ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Nanjing Xi Lu

    777 Jiangning Lu near Haifang Lu Shanghai Jing An District
    +86 21 5289-1717
    A Mongolian hot pot joint, what’s even better is that this venue seems to maintain its prices in line with the Mongolian economy, rather than the east coast. Prices are far lower relative to other hot spot venues. The brand was established at the end of the twentieth century, and has expanded into a chain of international proportions. You can expect the exact same cuisine in the Western hot pot ve ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: French Concession

    579 Fuxing Zhong Lu near Ruijing II Lu Shanghai Xuhui District
    +86 21 5465 2220
    A Hong Kong based chain, this hot pot venue stays open late and is said to provide some of the best beef in Shanghai. The restaurant prides itself on its MSG free soup bases, and there is a great choice of ten of these, but the health benefits are offset by some of the more decadent items on the menu including foie gras and truffles. The fact that the venue is a Shanghai mansion won’t do anything ... read more >

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