Privy 5 Shanghai Japanese Noodles

On a cold New York night, nothing hits the spot better than a bowl of steaming hot and delicious ramen or udon. When you're craving Japanese Noodles like nobody's business, it's time to check out one of these top 5 Japanese Noodles restaurants in NYC.

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  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: French Concession

    Cuisine:Japanese, Japanese Soba/Udon

    344 Changle Lu near Ruijin Lu Shanghai Xuhui District
    +86 21 6215 0373
    Noodles are the main feature of the dishes served here, although you can also get a kalubi dish with beef, vegetables and chilli sauce in what is a Japanese lettuce wrap. If you haven’t reserved a table, you may find yourself seated at the bar. The good news is that you can watch the chefs from here, making the food you’re about to enjoy, which is an experience worth viewing. Both hot and cold noo ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Changning

    Cuisine:Japanese, Japanese Soba/Udon

    1018 Changning Lu B1, Cloud Nine Shopping Mall near Kaixuan Lu, Metro Line 2, 3 & 4 Zhongshan Park Station Shanghai Changning District
    +86 21 6115 7468
    As a noodle chain spanning the continents, the beef noodles here are fantastic. Here you can grab a quick bite to eat and the service is fast and efficient and you can expect a no-fuss meal. However, the dishes such as ramen with miso soup and appetizers such as fried chicken karaage are tasty. Despite the fast service, you may have to wait to be seated, given the restaurant’s popularity but then ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Changning


    890 Changning Lu near Huichuan Lu, Metro Line 2,3 & 4 Zhongshan Park Station Exit 3 Shanghai Changning District
    +86 21 5241 1677
    The names Toriyasu and Yakatori work hand-on-hand at this discrete izakaya from the moment you open the door. For good food and good cheer Toriyasu is legendary in Shanghai with both locals and visiting Japanese, so you know the food is fantastic. Festive strips of fluttering paper cover the walls, announcing the specials, and the grilled chicken skin skewers (their claim to fame) are heavenly. T ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Xuhui

    Cuisine:Japanese, Japanese Soba/Udon, Japanese Sushi

    28B Taojiang Lu near Hengshan Lu, Metro Line 1 Hengshan Lu Exit 3 Shanghai Xuhui District
    +86 21 6445 0021
    Floor to ceiling windows overlooking gardens dominate the décor of Haiku by Hatsune. The chain also has a branch in China’s capital, and those who’ve visited it are delighted to find a venue in Shanghai too. This Japanese joint is the best in town and has something to stimulate all your senses. Top quality food, service and casual chic dominate this double level, must-try venue with a massive vari ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Jing An

    Cuisine:Japanese, Japanese Soba/Udon, Japanese Sushi

    98 Yanping Lu Bldg C Near Xinzha Lu Shanghai Jing An District
    +86 21 5175 9819
    Once you have a taste of their sashimi, you’ll find yourself happy you chose to eat at Shoka. It is a restaurant that prides itself on providing an excellent dining experience. With samba music, good salad, and sushi that is the perfect mix of filling and rice you’ll understand why. The tempura prawns and the noodle dishes are delicious. Beef is offered too, as well as a variety of grilled meat. T ... read more >

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