Privy 5 Shanghai Van Ness

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Privy 5 Shanghai Van Ness
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  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Gubei

    Cuisine:Korean BBQ

    Jinhui Nan Lu near Hongquan Lu and Wuzhong Lu Shanghai
    +86 21 3432 2735
    Located near the popular Ben Jia restaurant in Gubei, Zheng Yi Pin is no slouch in terms of competing with Ben Jia for the title of best Korean BBQ restaurant in the area. Serviced by Korean staff, this restaurant serves authentic and delicious Korean fare. With a large number of Koreans living in Shanghai, this restaurant is as good of Korean cuisine you'll find short of actually going to Korea. ... read more >
  • Categories: Night Life,  Restaurants

    Neighborhood: French Concession

    30 Donghu Lu near Huaihai Lu Shanghai Xuhui District
    +86 21 5404 1235
    After a transformation, the one-time Citizen Cafe has become the popular Sichuan Citizen restaurant after the owners decided they wanted to provide both outstanding Sichuan style food while also creating a "renao" or happening atmosphere and an appealing dining environment. While you may be enticed to dine here from their spacious interior and welcoming vibe, this restaurant is still about the foo ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: People's Square

    Cuisine:Chinese Shanghainese

    90 Huanghe Lu near Beijing Lu Shanghai Huangpu District
    +86 21 6327 6878
    This dumpling shop in Shanghai gets so much business that its small size can’t handle its popularity. However, standing in line is worth the wait. The cheap and delicious pork dumplings are small but probably the best menu item. Buy plenty of them once you reach the top of the line. It’s not an impulse buy if you’ve waited as long as this. These Xiao long bao are smaller than the large dumplings s ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Xuhui

    Cuisine:Chinese Noodles

    580 Tianyaoqiao Lu 3/F, near Xietu Lu Shanghai Xuhui District

    Local Language Address: 天钥桥路580号3楼星游城

    +86 21 6161-9787
    Urban meets ancient – that’s the proud mixture that South Memory exudes. Experience both Chinese culture and culinary expertise at this contemporary restaurant. Authentic, traditional Hunan dishes are sure to challenge those feisty taste buds. From cold dishes made up of radish skin or cucumber, to their noodles and main dishes, one is expected to either ask for more steamed rice or cry for ice-co ... read more >
  • Categories: Restaurants

    Neighborhood: Xintiandi

    Cuisine:Japanese, Japanese Sushi, Seafood

    68 Taicang Lu near Shunchang Lu Shanghai Luwan District

    Local Language Address: 太仓路68号, 近顺昌路

    +86 21 5383 6886
    At Tian Jia they're famous for serving only toro (meat from the fatty portions of the belly of blue fin tuna). When a restaurant specializes in something, they better be good and at Tian Jia the results are incredibly tasty. Unlike all-you-can-eat sushi places, Tian Jia is all about the quality. The menu consists of o-toro (the fattiest part), and chu-toro, (a more lean cut). They also offer ... read more >

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