Yang's Fry Dumpling
Categories: Restaurants

Neighborhood: Jing An

54-60 Wujiang Rd

Nanjing Xi Lu

ShanghaiJing An District


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This is a street vendor that has a global reputation. There are several locations where outlets operate. The vendor specialties are sage enhanced shengjian or fried soup dumplings. An idea is to pierce the dough to suck out the soup. That’s your appetizer. You can then use sweet vinegar as a dipper and enjoy the main course of filling and dough. Dumplings are traditionally served with ginger infused vinegar, but often at many venues it’s just straight vinegar these days, which is a shame. The dumplings are large, with plenty of pork meat and filling inside. The doughy skin is also generously thick. There’s a crunchiness on the outside and a deliciousness that resides within. These delicious dumplings practically melt in your mouth.

MEALS: Lunch

Price Range: $10

Attire: Casual

Takes Reservations: Not Sure

Parking: Not Sure

Takeout: Yes

Delivers: No

Accept Credit Cards: No

Good For Groups: No

Good For Kids: Yes

Waiter Service: No


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