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Privy 5 Shanghai Attractions

Whether you are having business meetings or simply taking a holiday, it is best make the most of your stay and see all that this wonderful city has to offer. Here are some places that you should include in your vacation itinerary or escape to in between trade conferences and business deals.

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  • Categories: Attractions

    Neighborhood: Luwan

    909 Luban Lu south of Longhua Dong Lu Shanghai Luwan District
    800 620 0888
    If your idea of fun doesn't include getting stuck watching movies or in a museum, then Lupu Bridge is right up your alley. Boasting some of the best views of Shanghai, Lupu Bridge is the world's longest arched bridge and is worth checking out as one of Shanghai's premier architectural elements. Plus, just traversing this behemoth is an adventure in itself and provides the perfect vantage point to ... read more >
  • Categories: Arts

    Neighborhood: People's Square

    231 Nanjing West Road People's Park Shanghai Huangpu District 200003

    Local Language Address: 南京西路231号

    +86 21 6327 9900
    MOCA stands for The Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai. It was established by the Samuel King Foundation and it is supported by the city as it aims to promote and showcase both international and Chinese contemporary artworks and designs. The museum is run by both local and international modern art connoisseurs and curators. The MOCA is very easy to locate because it is near the Municipal Gover ... read more >
  • Categories: Attractions

    Neighborhood: People's Square

    500 Xizang Zhong Lu near Fengyang Lu, Metro Line 1, 2 & 8 People's Square Station Shanghai Huangpu District
    +86 21 6361-6078 ext. 808
    One familiar way to unwind and relax is to watch a good film with a good snack (like popcorn or chili dogs) and a good drink in hand. If you happen to be near People’s Square and want to take a break for a couple of hours, then visit the Metropol Cinema and check out what movies are currently playing. The theater is off of Xizang Zhong Road and it is near the train station so it is very easy to sp ... read more >
  • Categories: Shopping

    Neighborhood: Jing An

    155 Changshou Lu near Shaanxi Bei Lu Shanghai Jing An District
    +86 21 3131 5151
    Channel 1 is said to be the most hip out of the newly built malls in Shanghai having formally opened their doors to the public only last September. The mall was specifically built to house upscale shops of the famous brands and restaurants in and out of China. You may need half a day or so to explore all six floors of this hip and huge shopping complex. There’s Sephora, Bershka, City Chain, Orchir ... read more >
  • Categories: Hotels

    Neighborhood: Putuo

    Mogansahn 395 Shanghai Deqing County 313200
    +86 21 6431 8901
    If you have been working too hard or simply need an escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Shanghai, Naked Retreats is a perfect destination for you. Approximately three hours away by car rests a scenic getaway called Mogashan where you can totally unwind and revitalize. They offer special packages for groups if you are going with family or friends. The area is a famous tourist spot frequen ... read more >

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