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Privy 5 Shanghai Shopping Areas/Malls

As a major metropolitan city, or otherwise known as a credit card's best friend, this city is filled to the brim with places to shop. If you're in the city you have to shop as it's practically part of the culture. You're never at a loss for shopping areas or malls and this is a list of the best shopping areas and malls in the city but here are a handful of the best.

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  • Categories: Shopping

    Neighborhood: Xintiandi

    Shanghai Luwan District
    Xintiandi is a high-end shopping experience you won't want to miss. The stylish area doesn't look like much from the outside but these one-time tenements have been renovated to offer only the finest entertainment and shopping experience. Wandering around Xintiandi you're bound to find an abundance of specialty shops owned and run by nearby Shanghai residents. Some things to look out for are stores ... read more >
  • Categories: Shopping

    Neighborhood: French Concession

    Lane 210 Taikang Lu Shanghai Xuhui District
    If you're looking for an original shopping experience then head on over to Taikang Lu where you can spend an entire afternoon just browsing the number of interesting shops on the street. It's a shopping area made from a renovated neighborhood of apartments so it takes some walking to get to the "newer" areas that have sprung up in Taikang Lu. If it's clothes you're after why not try Insh (or In Sh ... read more >
  • Categories: Shopping

    Neighborhood: French Concession

    between Donghu Road and Maoming Road Shanghai Xuhui District
    Xinle Lu features some a number of creative and specialty boutique designer clothing shops you normally wouldn't find elsewhere. As opposed to the name brands, you'll find a selection of independent brands that always seem to be on the cusp of the newest fashion trends. Located in the French Concession, the architecture here is an interesting influx of French and Belgian influence mixed with Chine ... read more >
  • Categories: Shopping

    Neighborhood: N/A

    132 Anren Jie near Fuyou Lu Shanghai Nanshi District
    For a slice of "old Shanghai" you'll want to visit Yu Yuan, an open-air market, and take in the history that is represented at this age-old locale. While not far from the shops of the French Concession, Yu Yuan is a more traditional shopping experience. At first glance, it doesn't look like much until you realize how much there truly is to experience. Among the numerous opportunities to shop Chine ... read more >
  • Categories: Shopping

    Neighborhood: French Concession

    near Central Urumqi Rd near DongHu Lu Shanghai Xuhui District
    Fuxing Road is an off-the-beaten path shopping opportunity in Shanghai's French Concession. For more Western styles you can travel Fuxing road West which will have a number of boutique clothing stores that you could spend hours just checking out not to mention the slew of eateries available. However, on the quieter Fuxing Road East, you'll find a number of different types of stores that are equall ... read more >

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