NOV 17, 2017

Kpop Star Hyolyn (Sistar) Performs at M8 Prelaunch Event #HiteJinroCarnival

By Bonnie He

Privy Circle x M8 recently produced the HiteJinro Halloween Carnival at venerable El Rey Theatre, featuring former Sistar lead, Hyolyn, and DJ rapper Kero One. YouTube personality and rapper DANakaDAN emceed the packed 600-person event which also served as M8’s pre-launch party for its upcoming iOS app release.  Brought to you by Privy Circle, M8 is human-powered relationship matchmaking platform - think of it as a Kickstarter for your dating life except the goal is help you find love. Recently featured on TechCrunch, you can signup for launch here.


NOV 16, 2017

After He Quit Acting, Chin Han Became the Most Successful Singaporean Actor in Hollywood

By Bonnie He

Occupation: Actor

Based in: Los Angeles

Hometown: Singapore

Some actors are too talented to be kept off-screen.

Singapore native Chin Han has had a love affair with films since he was a child. As early as the age of 6, his only birthday wish was to be taken to the movies.

Throughout university, he’d spend every free moment - and would sometimes even skip classes - getting involved in theatrical plays. He still graduated with degrees in both economics and linguistics to oblige his parents.

Chin Han still remembers the first check he ever received for acting: playing a role in the Molière play, “The School for Wives.” It was a thrill for him to bring that first paycheck to the bank. Shortly after he graduated, he booked his first TV role, and continued to work steadily in TV for years - until he suddenly didn’t love it anymore. Wanting to leave roles open for actors who were still passionate about acting, he quit. For 8 years.


APR 4, 2017

Top Chef's Molecular Food Meets the Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Vehicle

By bonnie

The future is here. And Privy Circle was in the driver's seat, celebrating the launch of the Toyota Mirai with Top Chef winner Mei Lin.

Over two weekends in March, Privy Circle guests were given an exciting preview of the 2017 Toyota Mirai, and they experienced this with a complimentary tasting event, Table with Top Chef Mei Lin by Privy Circle x Toyota.


APR 3, 2017

Jason Y. Lee is Changing the World, One Video at a Time at Jubilee Project

By Bonnie He

Occupation: Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker

Based in: Los Angeles

Last Education: The University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

Jason Y. Lee could have had a lucrative career in finance. He started as a summer intern for the U.S. Department of Treasury while attending the University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School, and after graduation, he worked as a financial consultant at Bain & Company.

Instead, he chose the road less traveled: helping others in need. When the 2010 Haitian earthquake devastated an estimated 3 million people, Lee wanted to contribute to the relief effort.


NOV 23, 2016

Chinese-Born YuanYuan Tan Became the Most Recognized Asian Ballerina in the World Because of Five Cents

By Bonnie He


Occupation: Prima Ballerina

Based in: San Francisco

Last Education: Saint Mary's College


A game of heads or tails changed YuanYuan Tan’s life forever.

At the age of 11, YuanYuan was scouted and invited to audition for Shanghai Dance School. Her father, an engineer, wanted YuanYuan to either follow in his footsteps or become a doctor, so he didn’t think she should go. Her mother, however, had dreamed of becoming a dancer herself when she was younger, so she secretly took her daughter to the audition.