JUL 21, 2016

From 'L Word' to 'X-Men': Mei Melançon's Journey from Asia to Hollywood

privy profile   |   By Bonnie He

Occupation: Actress, Writer, Former Model

Based in: Los Angeles

Last Education: Larry Moss and Nancy Banks


It’s any wonder that Mei Melançon is so eclectic. She’s of Chinese, Japanese and French descent, was born in the Philippines, grew up in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and moved to the United States in her early teens.

During Melançon’s cross-border upbringing, her mother taught her how to play guitar, and she started touring around Asia in a children’s band called Blossoms at the young age of 5.

That early foray into show business helped cut her teeth in the industry. Once in the States, she easily established a modeling career. Her transcontinental look landed her over 100 commercials. Melançon's very first job was with mega company McDonald’s, and from then, has advertised almost every brand under the sun, including Old Navy, Samsung, Garnier, Volvo, and a Bing commercial directed by Roman Coppola.

After modeling, Melançon transitioned into acting successfully. She’s well-known for playing Jamie Chen on Showtime’s hit, “The L Word,” and as Psylocke in “X-Men: The Last Stand.” Recently, she’s moved on to writing television shows and feature films. In between her writing endeavors, she’s hosted a couple of large galas, one with co-host James Kyson, and the other with Privy Circle CEO Stephen Liu.

Random fact: when she was younger, she met Michael Jackson, who gave her sage advice about working hard to get ahead. “Don’t practice for 2 hours. Practice for 10 hours,” Melançon recalls him saying.

We believe she’s taken that advice to heart, and there will certainly be more of Melancon’s signature yet to come.




You co-hosted a very private, upscale gala with our fearless leader, Stephen Liu last year. What was that experience like?


It was a fun night I will always remember! I met a lot of intriguing people and hopefully some new friends. And I was pleasantly surprised by Stephen’s improv ability. He’s got that great voice, you know? I enjoyed being his wingman and I’d do it again with him. He had great comic timing.




You are product of international origins. What was it like to grow up so multi-culturally?

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