APR 17, 2010

Member Interview - Stream Lee

  |   By Privy Editor

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Based in: Seoul

Last Education: University of Toronto

For many people, defining their occupation is a one-word answer. But our modern globalized world has seen a proliferation of people who are not so easily defined. Their networks of connections mean that for these people almost nothing is impossible to accomplish. In many ways, such individuals are the heartbeat of Privy. So we jumped at the chance to interview Seoul-based member Stream Lee, founder of XStream Productions Global and the embodiment this phenomenon.

1.   What do you like about Privy or the promise Privy offers?

I'm not an elitist by any means but because the nature of my work and people in my immediate realm I hardly want to be approached by just anyone or everyone while opening myself up to networking.

With Privy there is an element of "quality control" in that if you are a member of the select slice of the pie then it gives you an opportunity to move among your peers without having to dig thru the whole pie to find them.


2.   W We hear that you founded your own company. Can you tell us about XStream Productions Global?

Was it the name that gave it away? Yes. When I started out I was a part of a small group of bi-lingual broadcasters, and working in the entertainment industry in Seoul put me into situations that made me realize there was a sore lack of support in certain areas.

Particularly in liaising between East and West, I realized I had come across a niche that no one had focused on. They kept bringing me in to moderate and consult on projects. I realized so much was getting 'lost in translation'. Asian business is unique and innocent cultural misunderstandings can make million-dollar projects fall over in a second. With my diverse industry knowhow, I could make business seamless and people were using my knowledge to make bank.

I am not so open about what we do because I find that when people label you, suddenly they don't consider you for other jobs you are more than capable of. We facilitate in many aspects of the industry, from the business side of film and TV, high profile VIP events, corporate functions, booking artists, press junkets - in years gone by we've been involved in pretty much every facet of "enter-media" (although these days it's more business than partying). Still when people ask me what I do, I tend to leave it to their imagination.


3.   What is your favorite part of living in Seoul?

Originally from Canada, when I first arrived in Seoul I was heartsick because I felt so small in such a big place where I would ne

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