SEP 1, 2015

Dr. Steven D. Lin Can Fix Broken Digits as Adeptly as He Can Break Dance

privy interview   |   By Privy Concierge

Occupation: Orthopaedic Surgeon, Former L.A. Boy

Based in: Los Angeles

Last Education: University of Irvine - College of Medicine


Steven D. Lin is a triple threat: singer,

Dr. Lin, a respected orthopaedic surgeon in Arcadia, California, was once upon a time a celebrity rapper in Taiwan, part of the wildly popular hip-hop group known as L.A. Boyz.

Formed out of University High School in Irvine, L.A. Boyz consisted of Dr. Lin and his cousins, Jeff Huang and Stanley Huang. They caught their big break after they were invited to participate in Taiwan’s version of “Star Search.” L.A. Boyz’s Taiwanese American background and their use of American slang in conjunction with Taiwanese lyrics appealed to the Taiwanese masses, and their first album, “Shiam,” sold more than 130,000 copies. They went on to make 12 more albums and earned many Asian music awards.

Though the group split up years ago, the celebrity and popularity of L.A. Boyz hasn’t subsided for Dr. Lin, who now practices at Congress Orthopaedic Associates, specializing in upper extremities. In Asian media, he’s often written up in Chinese-language newspapers such as Epoch Times, and invited on Chinese-language talk shows such as SS. In the States, he’s been interviewed by the American Health Journal segment for KCET and profiled in the “2014 Top Docs” edition of Pasadena Magazine. He often gives lectures in the San Gabriel Valley.

And now he talks with Privy.





You have found success in multiple careers. What can you share with us about what it takes to hone that drive to the top?



My parents have been a huge reason for where I am today. They have always been loving and supportive in everything we did. They raised us in a household where we truly believed we could make a difference. I learned that every action we take should not only honor our ancestors, but also make future generations proud. I have always kept the values I learned from my family close to my heart. They have always guided me down the right path.

One of my core beliefs is that hard work, honesty and discipline are the foundations of success. I've always had a strong internal drive to succeed, but somewhere along the way I realized that some things in life cannot be forced, and are better off left to fate. I found that wealth, titles and status are a poor measure of a man's "success"...but the depth of character, friendships, and personal experiences he possesses represent a far better measure of his achievements. I believe Herman Hesse said it best, "The true profession of man is to find his way to himself."




Tell us about the transition that lead you away from the music world into your orthopaedic profession.


I’ve never felt like it was a difficult transition. I have always felt myself to be a student, learning as much as I could given the opport

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