APR 4, 2017

Top Chef's Molecular Food Meets the Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Vehicle

By bonnie

The future is here. And Privy Circle was in the driver's seat, celebrating the launch of the Toyota Mirai with Top Chef winner Mei Lin.

Over two weekends in March, Privy Circle guests were given an exciting preview of the 2017 Toyota Mirai, and they experienced this with a complimentary tasting event, Table with Top Chef Mei Lin by Privy Circle x Toyota.

Mei Lin was Top Chef’s 12th season winner. Previously, she was part of the opening team at the Los Angeles hotspot, ink., helmed by Michael Voltaggio. In just six months, she rose to sous chef. She was also a 2014 Eater Young Gun and one of Zagat’s 2015 30 Under 30.

While still in preparation to open her own restaurant, Privy Circle was able to snag the renowned chef for two weekends - in LA and San Jose, respectively - for our Toyota Mirai event, the best hydrogen fuel cell vehicle on the market today. And as hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, the universe, we asked Chef Lin to come up with a molecular gastronomy menu.

There were 4 dishes based on the 4 natural elements essential to life.

EARTH: Peewee Potatoes, Onion Ash Soil, Comté Foam

WOOD: Petrified "Wood" (parsnip) w/Truffle & Birch

AIR: "Isfahan " - Rose Air, Lychee, Vanilla Creme, Raspberry Crumble

WATER: Tomato Consommé, Basil Whey Caviar

Aptly, the Mirai - meaning “future” in Japanese - had 4 experience stations at both venues, also based on 4 elements.

EARTH: A hydrogen powered vehicle that balances nature and technology - Fuel Cell Technology 

WATER: Its only emission is water - Hydrogen filling unit to demonstrate the process of filling hydrogen

AIR: A brighter future begins with cleaner air through zero carbon emissions - Photo Booth interaction

WOOD: Innovation that pushes the boundaries of efficiency and design. Molecular Gastronomy will be featured and demonstrate by Chef Mei Lin, a former Bravo’s Top Chef winner, as the science of cooking synchronized with Mirai’s idea “Vehicle of Change”.

After the sublime elemental tasting, Privy Circle guests experienced 3 of Mei’s personal favorite dishes and 1 nitrogen-based mocktail:

Steak Tartare on Prawn Puff

Yuzu Elderflower Otterpops 

Yellow Beet Tartare

Mocktail "Gin & Tonic"

In addition, there was Ride and Drive Station where guests could get their first hands-on experience with the Mirai and test drive the car. The tasting event presented by Privy Circle x Toyota took place in both LA and the Silicon Valley.

Both venues has an intricate balloon display for a custom open-air photo booth. Los Angeles had 3,300 balloons and San Jose had 4,200.

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