MAR 24, 2014

The Top 5 Korean Barbecue Restaurants You Need to Try Now

By Privy Editor

korean barbecue

They come up on Facebook and Instagram feeds like food terrorists: those close-up images of thick slabs of pork belly crisping on a hot griddle or marinated flanks of marbled short ribs surrounded by a moat of peppery kimchi, browning onions and garlic sizzling in rendered fat and juices. It’s the requisite Korean barbecue picture that serious meat-eating fans seem to almost compulsively take in the throes of their carnivorous anticipation. It’s probably the same instinct that drove hunters to show off their spoils. But we digress.

korean barbecue

When those flanks of meat come up our phones, the craving to re-create the image we saw doesn’t go away until we get to wrap our own sliver of hot-off-the-grill brisket into a leaf of lettuce dipped into sesame oil and bean paste. But with restaurants featuring tabletop grills in every every plaza, strip mall and food court, cannibalizing another one's business across the street, where to go?

korean barbecue

Let Privy lead the way.

We have selected the top five best Korean barbecue restaurants in LA. So grab that food-blogger friend of yours, and let her take the pictures while you grub on the best meat in town--and some soju. One shot!

1. Chosun Galbee

3330 W. Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, 90019

 Chosun galbee

2. Moo Dae Po II

3014 W 7th St Los Angeles CA 90005


3. Ham Ji Park

3407 W 6th St. Los Angeles CA 90020

 ham ji park

4. Park's BBQ

955 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles CA 90005

 park's bbq

5. Soowon Galbi Korean BBQ

856 S Vermont Ave, Ste C Los Angeles CA 90005

 soowon galbi

To view the list in our Privy City Guide, which includes reviews and additional contact information, please click here.

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